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Gender: Something called "mail"
Country: Eagleland, Onett
Favorite Pokémon: Pichu and Snom, the gods of AG
Friend Codes: I can't right now, but I might.
Also I'm too lazy to do a friend list LOL.
I'm always open to battle when I'm online! My name is PKThunder10.
I'm gonna put my current nuzlocke here. My failed one is on a google doc.  I tell Professor Oak my name and his grandsons name. I wake up, he comes up the stairs and wants me to go to the Oaks lab and read the message he sent me on his computer but I didn't read it XD. I then go to Route 1 and I find a Eevee and catch it. I go to Oaks lab and choose the Eevee, while my rival chooses Pikachu. He gives me a pokedex too. I catch a Rattata and Nidoran Male. I then go back to the lab with the parcel, Oak gives me Razz Berries which he explains how they are supposed to be used. I then bash my rivals face in. I catch a Pidgey and Bellsprout. I then beat Viridian Forest, and go beat Brock with Bellsprout's Vine Whip. I then beat Route 3 and MT Moon. I catch a Spearow and Zubat. Jessie and James are easily beaten. I go to Route 4 and get a Ekans. I teach Eevee its special moves you can get at Cerulean City, and traded my Rattata for a Alolan Rattata. I beat Route 24 and 25 and get a Meowth and Psyduck. I also beat Misty easily with Eevee's Buzzy Buzz. I go to Route 5 and get myself a Jigglypuff. I beat Route 6 and get a Vulpix. I go to Digletts Cave and get a Diglett, and beat Route 11 and get a Drowzee. I beat the SS Anne and Trace was super easy. I then beat LT Surge easily too with Eevee and Nidoking's Dig. I beat Route 9 and get a Nidoran Female. I fail a Krabby on Route 10 and beat the trainers on the northern side. I catch a Onix in Rock Tunnel, and beat Rock Tunnel and the trainers on Route 10 on the southern side. I beat some of Route 8, get an Abra, and get to Celadon and trade my Vulpix for an Alolan Vulpix. I then beat Route 8 but this trainer with a Seaking that was lv 35 killed my Eevee with Horn Drill. I beat it though. I then fight this trainer with a Kadabra, and it killed my Abra with Psybeam. I thought I could tank one but I was dead wrong. I was previously chipped with Night Shade damage though. I beat Route 12 but my Alolan Raticate died because I was stupid and used Dig on a Onix that had Earthquake and it killed it. I beat the rest of Route 12 though. I beat Erika with my Alolan Ninetales Ice Beam.
Deaths: Eevee, Abra, Alolan Raticate,
About me: I like pokemon, kirby, minecraft, and the mother series. I'm obviously a video game kid. But, I go outside a lot cuz my parents want me to get sun. I also play basketball the main reason is because my friend played, and I was like, if he plays, I might as well play :D. IDK what else to tell. Pokemon Blue, Emerald, and Lets Go Eevee nuzlocke time! Alright, imma update this page with my Lets Go Eevee nuzlocke on my friend code page.

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lol no...... never heard of that movie

Polaris is another name for the North Star. Also, a map on one of my favourite games, Splatoon 2, is called "Ruins of Ark Polaris", which is some sort of spaceship thing. Yeah, not the polar bear, although I did read Seekers :]
8 hours ago by ~Polaris~
I have 6 ones with no High Jump Kick and Libero, and 16 or 15 with High Jump Kick. I will get more with Libero and High Jump Kick. I also have a lot with Blaze, some don't have High Jump Kick, some do.
1 day ago by PKThunder10
I trade you 1, and you trade something random
1 day ago by PKThunder10
or just tell me in chat
1 day ago by PKThunder10
Big news! I'm giving away scorbunnies with libero and high jump kick. Post on my wall if you want one.
1 day ago by PKThunder10
Cool, what about 4 PM today?
Jun 15 by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~