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Gender: I'm a lil' girl!
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Favorite Pokémon: I can't say I like a whole species, think about all the other species that got hurt about Incineroar's for no reason! My favorite Pokémon is MY Incineroar, Croéna
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About me: Hey! I'm SeeYaLater! But you can call me SYL :).
I'm 10. Not much to say, besides, I'm everyone's friend! So I could be yours too!


-------♥♥------PUT THIS ----♥♥-♥♥----RIBBON ---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR ---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF ---♥♥---♥♥---YOU'RE ----♥♥-♥♥----AGAINST -----♥♥♥------ANIMAL ----♥♥-♥♥----ABUSE ---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

And basically if you smoke and put your smoke thing on the ground animals can eat that and die. So.

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- Flamingos are born grey, but they become pink because of the brine shrimp they eat. The shrimp contain a natural dye known as canthaxanthin, which is the only reason they're pink.
- Flamingos also, along with other birds such as pigeons and doves, actually produce milk that is secreted from the inside lining of their crop (Flamingos and some penguins, however, secrete the substance from their esophagus instead). The crop is an extension of the esophagus where food is stored before going down into the stomach (a bird's stomach is double chambered and consists of the proventricilus and the gizzard).
- A frong's tongue is anchored to the front of their mouth rather than in the back like in humans, this allows for them to sling prey caught by the tongue directly down their gullet. This is a very different mechanic from Chameleons, which have a bone at the base of their tongue that gives it structure, while the tongue itself has about the same consistency as a human brain.
- There is a strict difference between horns and antlers. Horns are connected directly to the skull and consist of a bone core and a keratin exterior (keratin is the same thing our hair and fingernails are made from). Antlers on the other hand are connected to 'pedestals' on the skull, are completely made from bone, and are shed annually. This is why you deer drop their antlers but you'll never see a goat drop its horn.
15 hours ago by FlappersFlappers
One second ago, this happened in Giant Chasm:
Turn 1:
Go Lv. 63 Ditto!
Ditto used Transform!
Kyurem used Imprison!
Me: Hey! That was MY master plan!
For the next 4 turns:
Ditto used Struggle!
Kyurem used Endeavor! It doesn't affect Ditto...
Turn 6:
Kyurem used Dragon Pulse!
Ditto fainted!
Turn 7:
Go Lv 52 Bisharp!
Bisharp used False Swipe!
Kyurem used Glaciate!
Bisharp's Atk. rose sharply due to Defiant!
Turn 8 and 9:
Bisharp used False Swipe!
Kyurem used Dragon Pulse!
Bisharp fainted!
Turn 10
Go Lv 67 Emboar!
Used Ultra Ball!
Oh no! Kyurem broke free!
Kyurem used Glaciate!
Turn 11:
Used Ultra Ball!
Kyurem was caught!
1 day ago by Swords of the -ions
Every Pokemon in my team was dead, except Emboar (who was half-Dead), when I battled Zekrom in N's castle.
Go Emboar!
Turn 1
Okay, I don't have time for this. I'm going to die. This is my only option...
Dahryl used Master Ball.
Zekrom was caught!
Me: That was very easy.
2 days ago by Swords of the -ions
2 days ago by Hórus
Before I do that, I need help getting to Giant Chasm. Pokemon White
2 days ago by Swords of the -ions
Yep. That's true.
2 days ago by Swords of the -ions
The account actually belongs to a person called ShinyKabutops, who has been trying to evade their ban for months now. I initially banned them for using four accounts at once, and simply deleting my messages when I mentioned it. And their English was a bit flaky.
I should probably have made it clear what I meant in the comment, I apologise. Multiple others have asked me about it though Discord as well :P
3 days ago by Fizz
Oh right, that's completely fine. I have no issue whatsoever with bumping up old threads, so long as you're adding something new.
5 days ago by Fizz
Sorry, which thread are you talking about?
Feb 11 by Fizz
Nintendo. Right now times up, but my moms not here yet sooo...
Feb 10 by Alolan Vulpix