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Okiedokie. I'll probably be on Showdown! around the time you posted on my wall everyday this week (I wasn't today due to work). I'll probably play a bunch of friendly battles with Molthree and Hórus around that time anyways. :P
2 hours ago by Staka~
are you online now? Wanna play?
10 hours ago by Hórus
When are you available next? :P
15 hours ago by Staka~
Search for me on Showdown! when your ready. :P
1 day ago by Staka~
yes yes yes yes
2 days ago by CrazyCradily
I'll check on Showdown! in your Timezone at 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, and so on until I see you request a battle on Sunday. I will be using the CAP Project room so that it is easier to find and request battles. Just to let you know. :P

The© noobiest~™ noobiest~™ noobiest~™ :P
2 days ago by Staka~
Which one?
3 days ago by Jimmy⠀
Oh yeah? you call me a scrub? I normally stay up until 1:00 or 2:00am (reading lmao) and once I stayed up until 5:00am.
3 days ago by -Hex-maniac-
Mysterious... yeah, I guess it is! It also rocks my socks off! Love that battle theme! :)
3 days ago by Flowersun
...I probably wouldn't play "mysterious music"... I'd probably blast Gladion's battle theme! XD
3 days ago by Flowersun