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Gender: Male
Country: USA
Favorite Pokémon: Metagross, the true bulletproof mon. Others include: Crobat, Chandelure, Starmie, Porygon2, Cloyster, Golem-Alola, Nihilego, Mantyke, Squirtle, Espeon, Groudon-Primal, Shaymin, Gastly, Mimikyu, Aegislash, Gliscor, Zapdos, Whimsicott, Sharpedo, Breloom, Beedrill-Mega, Camerupt-Mega, Steelix-Mega, Scizor-Mega, Mawile-Mega, Venusaur-Mega, Gardevoir-Mega, and Pinsir-Mega
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About me: I have pretty much left, but I stop by from time to time whenever my friends ask me to do some stupid shit lol.

See ya~

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ily Mike. come back for me
Nov 16, 2017 by Sir_Mudkip
Jul 11, 2017 by Electric Z
Feb 23, 2017 by Sempi
Yeah, I don't think we have the people to do that tour. I'd say any tour that relies on a certain number of people (besides the whole 8 people to start thing) is not really possible at this point in time.
Feb 17, 2017 by trachy
Mike, since you won the tournament, how about you choose the theme for the next tourney? I'll still run the thing, but we'll play based off what you want to do.
Feb 17, 2017 by trachy
Nvm I got bodied by a Miltank FeelsBadMan
Feb 3, 2017 by Ion
In that case, know that my team is your fault. I was originally gonna rotate between stall/HO/balance, but you've forced my hand :(. Also Kabu being NU is bs lmao
Jan 30, 2017 by Ion
I have 2 other teams though. Bc the points average is RU, and I'm sure you can remember my tier after OU... >:)
Jan 29, 2017 by Ion
Yeah, sure! I'll be on in a bit.
Also,sorry for doubting you would come on in time...
Jan 28, 2017 by Finchwidget