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Prosper is very strong. And the best thing about it is there are a lot of different paths you can take to build Prosper, since the cardpool that works well with him is so wide.
Sep 11 by trachy
So the Spark makes a Planeswalker resistant to the influence of Phyrexia, but it does not make them fully immune. Your average being touching the oil will corrupt them, but it takes far more work to compleat a Planeswalker. Also before the Reality Chip, a Planeswalker could not keep their Spark upon compleation.

As for whether or not Karn is immune, it's hard to say. He should be since he was purified by Melira, but who knows if Phyrexia has found a workaround to that.

As for Commander, I'd need a bit more to narrow it down. But precon commander wise, I'd say the best of the recent ones to upgrade are Prosper (exile, treasure) or Sefris (dungeon, reanimator).
Sep 5 by trachy
ARC-V's Synchro arc was pretty lame. While Yugo was hilarious and Crow was pretty cool, most of it was taken up by the Friendship Cup as well as Shinji's very annoying "WE GOTTA REBEL AGAINST THE TOPSIDERS" thing. I can get why Shinji was ticked off, but I highly doubt Commons taking over would've helped their situation much. And the Friendship Cup was... well, the Friendship Cup. Basically just a tournament with a catch. While there were some pretty cool duels, it wasn't that thrilling. The Facility was one of the most interesting parts, at least to me, but it didn't last long. Kinda sad, really.

Anyway, cool! I've been considering watching 5D's once I finish ARC-V, however long that takes. It's stupid how they just removed a season, but I could watch it online at some point in time. 5D's has a completely different feel to it than the other series, which'll be interesting to see more of.
May 17 by Yuya the Goggles
I'm curious, what's your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh series? I think I remember you saying that something was tied with Vrains.
May 16 by Yuya the Goggles
It's no problem mate. Sometimes things like that happen.
May 15 by -WhiteFire-
Yu-gi-oh wise, I haven't played in ages. Too engaged with Magic right now.

As for Magic, I decided to build my 4th Big Commander deck. Built Prosper, nothing too out of the ordinary, but I just wanted to use all the treasure and play from exile stuff they've been pushing these past coupla years.

Doing some drafting with coworkers. Bought a box of Commander Legends for that. Great box, pulled a Lotus outta it.

Main thing I'm doing with Magic now though is a fan format called Curiosity. Sorta a league system. 40 card decks, 2 max rares (singleton copies), 6 max uncommons (max copy count is 2), and then 3 max of each common. Only cards from the current set. I've been doing it since Midnight Hunt and it's one of my favorite ways to play Magic. Like my deck I'm playing today is this Azorius Angels list that also uses Illuminator Virtuoso to good effect:
May 14 by trachy
Wow, that was actually really cool! Interesting, too.
May 10 by Yuya the Goggles
Nope, never heard of it. What's it about?
May 9 by Yuya the Goggles
That quilted maple really is great looking, especially in that color. Beautiful instruments.
Mar 17 by Hellfire Taco
Hmm, I'm not sure. It's a pretty tough decision. Yugo seems funny, Yuya is cute, and Yuto looks pretty cool. And Yuri is... well, he's something. His Venom Dragon is pretty cool-looking though.

I think I like Yugo the most at the moment too, though Yuya's probably a close second.
Mar 7 by Yuya the Goggles