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Member for: 3 months (since May 5)
Type: Registered user
Gender: MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP (Which loosely translates to boi)
Country: Living on Sinnoh victory road(Where you need five hms to get through)
Favorite Pokémon: Look in about me
Friend Codes: Glazio Kawaii was the first person to ever write anything on the site to me.
Also, ItsYaBoiFlareon talked to me, so... (Plus he plays minecraft!!!)
Drifty-Boy is on the list too now.
Did not forget about Spill-the-Polteageist
Gives Eviolite to Nebby Y ;)
Mega-Blade X (friendly banter)


One Sec. Lemme break the internet.
About me: Am I supposed to talk about myself? I'm really bad at it. Also I am part of the Birds Of A Feather Club, so thanks to @Glazio Kawaii to accepting my submission

Coding is one of my greatest loves (even though I'm not the best at it. I somewhat know JS(Visual and the other type), SQL, Some HTML, and a bit of CSS. I'm best at python though, which actually I'm not terrible at. I consider my self a nerd because i study too much on khan academy. My parents yell at me to stop studying, so i mean... (BTW no brags)

Also my friend begged me to advertise his minecraft yt channel, (which kinda sucks not gonna lie lol), so it is DeathMaster21. Check it out i guess
Normal: Bibarel (Pokemon talk 36.5 reference), Snorlax (Rest, Snore, Hypnosis, Brick Break I loved running this) Miltank (Whitney)     
Fire: Turtonator (Chunky fire dragon)
Water: Lapras (Sweeping in fire red)
Electric: Eelektross (No weaknesses)
Grass: Ludicolo (Dancing duck thing)
Ice: Snom (Who doesn't)
Fighting: Heracross (karate beetle)
Poison: Muk (Anime)
Ground: Mudsdale (USUM final gt)
Flying: Mantine (Poketips extreme randomizer nuzlocke sword and shield)
Psychic: Natu (Hate it so much that I like it)
Bug: Centiskorch (Mustache bug)
Rock: Geodude (Alola)
Ghost: Haunter (Anime)
Dragon: Goodra (Slime thang)
Dark: Absol (Psycho cutting nubs)
Steel: Metagross (yes)
Fairy: Ninetales (Alola)

Yo. Just realized I have more than 50 points. 7/15/20

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what time zone r u?
4 hours ago by ItsYaBoiFlareon
im okay as skywars duels but i suck at normal skywars but sure i guess
4 hours ago by ItsYaBoiFlareon
Okay so are you ever gonna start a fan fic about galar? And by fan-fic, what are you guys actually doing with the characters? Are you doing somethin like where glazio is the main protagonist instead of emotionless dude/...dudette? Emotionless person. Emotionless person is better. So somethin like that? because it would be cool to do a sort of journey with hop. I dunno.
2 hours ago by ThatPokemonBoi

If you mean the me Glazio, then dudette. If you mean the Gladion Glazio, then dude. XD
8 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
I actually know nothimg about Galar. My FFs (Fan-fics) are varied  most take place in the pokemon world but i for one actually wanna be an author so i write lots if stuff.
My mon fics atm are
Eevee siblings (oncd i start)
Ryder’s Story
My non mon fics are
 A Game of Strategy and Vetryal
Shadow and Dawn
Clipper, for now my non mon fucs are in another place but i am still taking zocS for em if you go to  GottaYeetThem’s wall you’ll see the first two OCs and it’s orolougue for Shadow and Dawn the rest on are on Jason The Sly Nicvee’s wall
9 hours ago by snowberi
Whaddya mean what were talking about? Are you saying you want to lnow what our FFs are anlut? Most of mine are actually on Jason The Sly Nicvee’s wall he’s put em into docs my newest one is on GottaYeetThem’s wall
13 hours ago by snowberi
I mean, i don't think im really good at all, but maybe?
15 hours ago by ThatPokemonBoi
I wouldn’t say i’m a pro now Glazio Kawii she’s really good. So is Meha Blade X  i just enjoy writting id you ever wanna join FFs i write tho just wall me
15 hours ago by snowberi
My favorite Pokémon game? Ruby or Alpha Sapphire
15 hours ago by Kyogre71
Ah well thats cool. You wanna maybe play skywars together or somethin
15 hours ago by ThatPokemonBoi
Nah sorry, Ive already got a profile going.
thaks for asking tho, and yes i play HYpixel!
18 hours ago by ItsYaBoiFlareon