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Member for: 2 years (since Mar 21, 2015)
Type: Registered user
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Gender: Male
Country: Estonia
Favorite Pokémon: Alolan Raichu, M-Audino, M-Banette, East Sea Gastrodon, M-Diancie, Nihilego, School Wishiwashi
Friend Codes: 1779-0413-6171
Not up for battling/trading/Friend Safari/etc but here it is.
About me: I might still come in occasionally, use my wall or post in chat. Ask me for my discord tag for easier contact if you want it for whatever reason.

Registration Date - 21/03/2015
1000 Points - 25/04/2015
2000 Points - 23/05/2015
Top 100 Users - 06/06/2015
First Shiny with Own OT (Ralts Route 102 ORAS) - 19/06/2015
3000 Points - 29/06/2015
4000 Points - 21/12/2015
5000 Points - 14/12/2017

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Answers: 6
Comments: 77
Voted on: 23 questions, 21 answers
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Oh boi that was a long ass time ago
I was cringing so hard when I looked back at my answers
Feb 26 by gengarchomp
You should be an expert, but you're pretty inactive
Feb 22 by Rahat Hasan
You got 1000 points in 35 days????????
Feb 18 by Rahat Hasan
No cuts, no buts, no coconuts.
Jan 4 by Hellfire Taco
i have very good taste!!
Dec 9, 2017 by Empty Boxes
should i be concerned about the quality and nature of your fave images
Dec 8, 2017 by Empty Boxes
ihyrn :(

anyway, not really because kuku c     :D

dont marry him hes like 7 it's illegal youll end up in jail, and remember what i said about trying to avoid jail, that applies here

good on you for not troublin the kid, you're a nice (??) person, albeit one with a desire to lie about geographic status for some reason.

ps: as for discord, cool, once i join i'll add you :)
Dec 7, 2017 by Empty Boxes
ok im cringing @myself now
Dec 5, 2017 by Empty Boxes
so you ARE from Estonia? das 100% dank-level cool. i know like 1 city (Tallinn, is it), do you live there? also pls do tell me something cool about your country outsiders wouldnt know thanks massively i love learning about new places

no im not on discord

i keep telling myself to get one b/c "all the cool db kids hang out there" but i've never gotten the hang of it and never really got to making an account yada yada yada

Do share your code, on the off chance i get bored enough one day i'll create an account and we won't have to deal with dead walls.

is discord really worth it/ is it nice?

thank you tremendously for the Owl's name. just for clarification, the friend is the Owl's friend? also, you da man (NOT manbaby) for actually asking and reporting back, much love <3

you're not a bad person :3
Dec 5, 2017 by Empty Boxes
my point still stands. ask him the owl's name though thank

all right fine youre not a manbaby

you told me yourself that you're not from estonia

so you're lying which is bad

meaning you're bad >:0
Dec 3, 2017 by Empty Boxes