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NebbyY: yeah they gave an old lady a cosmog named "fwoofy"
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sm 4evr: discord chat reviver. what is zunat? is it like zubat or something?
Jhnfui: we both agree courtney is hot
PrimalKyogre: we both agree Mega Charizard Y is epic
Mega-Blade X: calm and cool. community just isn't the same without him
~MegaCharizardY~: I praise Y for creating squigglies
ASS8666: he has the best gravs lol
Kyogre71: she is nice and calm and likes hoenn too.
a typical glance: he has outclassed me as a newspaper guy
TY™: nice and funny. I don't know if i am a pet snom, or if i am a son
LyleGoliath: funny
Dragapult: dragapuly. is he sm's parent???

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Some counters for Calrex-Shadow:
Zacian-Crowned doesn't work since he gets outsped and Two OHKOed, but you shall kill it in one hit.
Yveltal works a lot here, he resists almost whatever it throws at hit. If your opponent is like after +4 boost, then try Sucker Punch which kills even if it has 0 Atk EVs.
Marshadow: It works even though it may get outsped. It guaranteed KOes it with Shadow Sneak.
Ditto: Scarf Ditto cam be your best bet. It will copy its boost, allowing it to kill it easily. One thing to note. In higher levels, when you transform to Calyrex, people try to bring in Ditto. Since Ditto is immune, you will either dynamax or switch. And if you dynamax, then your scarf won't work, rending it useless. So, try Dark Pulse if enemy has it, since it will still Kill it.
12 hours ago by Swastik
That's bad. Same for me, people spammed Calyrex-Shadow, dropping my ladder to 1400. Though I am re-laddering and have reached at least 1600. All the best for you to start laddering.
12 hours ago by Swastik
20 hours ago by PX ™
i'm working on a new gravatar that has some actual work put into it
20 hours ago by snom
umm your grav?
22 hours ago by ABSOLute Absolover
due to popular demand i will be changing my trash gravatar lol
22 hours ago by snom
is that tea? ewww
22 hours ago by PrimalKyogre
Nice grav XD
23 hours ago by Kyogre71
That grav is a work of art
23 hours ago by Mega-Blade X
ok now its done
23 hours ago by snom