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Bolide fan as well?
Jan 12 by McRibFarewellTour
"christmas tree, christmas tree
ur dog got bit by a bee"

bees sting their foes foolish mortal!11!1!!one!1!1!!1bee!1!1
Jan 5 by Pogokira
Generally I'd say yes. I don't think "Intimidate or Moxie for Salamence in [context]?" is too long, but any time you can condense the title without losing key information is probably worth doing.
Jan 2 by Fizz
Ooh I see you're going to do Monotype for Gen 8 at some point. Nice, especially since I played that format and have a few teams I want to share.
Dec 30, 2022 by -VoltMadness-
Imagine making so bad rhymes go relearn your nursery classes kid
Dec 30, 2022 by Tensa Zangetsu
go study for boards kid
Dec 11, 2022 by Tensa Zangetsu
In that case you should post a thread in the Meta section. I don't think we can figure out anything just by talking in wall posts.
Nov 10, 2022 by sumwun
Do you want answers to stay visible on the thread forever?
Nov 10, 2022 by sumwun
I think finished tournaments are less relevant to people looking at that thread. However, there's no rule preventing you from re-posting a tournament idea that was already done before.
Nov 9, 2022 by sumwun
Didn't that tournament end already?
Nov 8, 2022 by sumwun