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You are a

Jun 13 by Mega_Septile
Will is a

Jun 11 by Mega_Septile
Do you identify as a cob of corn, or more of a soup?
Jun 5 by Astronautical
sumwun doesn't like being called Sumwun, remember?
May 20 by Distorted_palkia
Gosh heckin darn it I keep forgetting to ask you this when you're actually in the Chat
Do you have a Pokesona?? I wanna know so I can include you in some DB-related artwork :3c
May 17 by PokeFlamey
I have a theory will
Every time you come onto chat, it becomes a spurting fountain of activity and aliveness for an extended period of time.
Once you leave, and when you aren't in chat, it almost immediately becomes dead as a doornail.

TL;DR: will are you a necromancer
Apr 3 by Squaaaaaaaaw
Best babe.
Mar 29 by gmc11203
Yeah, it feels like it's been ages. It's only been, like, 4 or 5 days.
Mar 16 by Elapras
why was your old username narwhals
Mar 8 by Lenny