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That's the one, thanks!!
Oct 12 by Toucanadian
Hey Will do you have the link for that one really inspiring video you showed that one time? It was only a few minutes long, it was about how you should do what you would do if money wasn't a problem… I don't remember too many specifics but I've had the window open on my browser for a long time, then my computer spazzed out and I lost it :(

(Also if it wasn't you who showed it I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure I remember it being you)
Oct 10 by Toucanadian
Oh thank you for your congratulatory post a few days ago I forgot to respond lol. I'm so glad you were able to see me promoted to Editor :'D
Aug 4 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
http://i.imgur.com/MhuC3Gs.png?2 I was clearing out junk on my imgur and I found this
Will how could you
Jun 28 by Hellfire Taco

You are a

Jun 13 by Hellfire Taco
Will is a

Jun 11 by Hellfire Taco
Do you identify as a cob of corn, or more of a soup?
Jun 5 by Toucanadian
sumwun doesn't like being called Sumwun, remember?
May 20 by ♥♥~Espeon~♥♥
Gosh heckin darn it I keep forgetting to ask you this when you're actually in the Chat
Do you have a Pokesona?? I wanna know so I can include you in some DB-related artwork :3c
May 17 by Flommo
I have a theory will
Every time you come onto chat, it becomes a spurting fountain of activity and aliveness for an extended period of time.
Once you leave, and when you aren't in chat, it almost immediately becomes dead as a doornail.

TL;DR: will are you a necromancer
Apr 3 by Finchwidget