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Gender: Elite Four Flame
Country: Alola
Favorite Pokémon: Ninetales, Leafeon, Milotic, Lucario, Gardevoir, Garchomp. (P.S: I like other too but don't really have any sentimental attachment, just like their design.)
Friend Codes: I wish I had a Nintendo Switch or something you can play pokemon with
Roblox Username: KittyKatGirlrain
Showdown! : icantdefeatyou and ireallycantwin
X-Box Social (Idk, I just pressed Windows and G and here am I.): Flame #8706
About me: when i first joined, noone told me to read the rules.

Hi! I decided to make a region based on the Philippines. I already have starters down and the legendaries. I'll update "my about" me when I have a part done. It's called the Sura Region.

The Professor of the Sura Region is Professor Maya. The three starters are:
Fire Type: Asoy ( A dog, aso (dog), and apoy (fire) )
Water Type: Drohy ( A dolphin (Hydro just switched)
Grass Type: Coco ( Coconut, duh)

The Cities are: (The cities' names are all Tagalog)
1st: Mesa City, The Fire-type gym leader Miguel.                                           
2nd: Isda City, The Water-type gym leader Midori.                                         
3rd: Paruparo City, The Bug-type gym leader Cal (Short for Calvin)                           
4th: Damdamin City, the Psychic-type gym leader Sondra.
5th: Bulaklak City, The Grass Type gym leader Markus.
6th: Lason City, The Poison Type gym leader Chloe.
7th: Kulog City, The Electric Type gym leader Joel.
8th: Daya City: The Dark Type gym leader Naomi.


The middle starters are:
Fire Type: Firaso (Fire and aso (dog) )
Water Type: Aquaron (Aqua and ron)
Grass type: Comico (Coconut and comic (hero) )

The final starters are:
Fire Type: Sudog (Sunog (fire) and dog)
Water Type: Pontubi (Pond and tubig (water) )
Grass Type: Comeado (Meadow and coconut)

 I got a 42 out of 60 on my math test. yeah, I'm crying still, and it will haunt me. I hate math. my math test had this question "Nicetas had 14 colored paper and she made 7 colored paper flowers. what is being compared?" did I get that right?

 I remember using leafeon in a copied version (not original) of pokemon brick bronze (pokemon brick bronze is a game in roblox and it got banned for copyright reasons, so now they run this game called loomian legacy.)and I ran magical leaf, energy ball, grass whistle, razor leaf, and last resort. yeah, it seems weird for energy ball being there but I didn't know anything about all those base stat thingies.

 I don't know why you're still reading this. if u see me active on chat, I'm not. I'm either playing or watching or doing powerpoints or I'm actually active. but I wont chat. just looking around at the chat.

 idk why someone would want to know this but "I only watch showdown sweeps in youtube and some nuzlocke and challenges."

~How to become rich in the Pokemon World~

Step 1: Breed a lot of Zubats!
Step 2: Make repels!
Step 3: Set up a store nearby a cave.
Step 4: Release your Zubats in a nearby cave.
Step 5: You are rich now.

Favorite Pokemon by each type, stuff, and whatever while in my Math Class.
Water: Milotic
Grass: Leafeon
Fire: Ninetales
Electric: Zeraora
Normal: Eevee
Dark: My room
Fairy: Sylveon
Psychic: My mother. she knows everything. My future, I'm gonna be a doctor!
Dragon: Garchomp
Fighting: Lucario
Steel: There's no steel here, only plastic mwah.
Ground: Earth
Bug: (use google translate, pick Filipino) Wala. Pwedeng si Pheromosa. takot parin ako sa ipis :D
Poison: Toxic people on Roblox
Flying: Swellow because of PBB.
Rock: Stone Edge
Ice: Ice? Sorry, I never heard of that. I know Sun though?
Electric: Hm, my laptop.
Ghost: Nope, nope, nope, nope.

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u theree?
4 days ago by mega mismagius
my time zone is GMT+5:30 (also i dont live in india even though this time zone is 'india standard time')
Nov 25 by mega mismagius
Nov 25 by mega mismagius
ok lets battle in showdown sometime
it would be easier if i knew your time scince we live in different places
is your Time zone GMT+8?
Nov 25 by mega mismagius
your back?
Nov 24 by mega mismagius
ill miss you
Nov 23 by mega mismagius
Nov 23 by mega mismagius
people who visit me: i will be offline for like, 2 months.
Nov 19 by ~FlameTheVulpix~
It's a game? :0
I thought it'd be one of the TCG series cause there's been a lot of TCG hype recently, as I've seen on the site. So, do you play that game?
Nov 14 by Aaaaaaaaa
Hmm, i dont think im gonna play it in a really long time, probably my phone cant handle it sadly(maybe)
Nov 11 by Creative481