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Gender: Girl
Country: U.S
Favorite Pokémon: Krookodile, Snivy, Mudkip, Marshtomp, Swampert, Zoroark, Galarian Ponyta, Tyranitar, Goodra, Braixen, Amaura, Lucario, Torchic and Mega Charizard Y, Obviously.
Friend Codes: Friend List (I have decided to put this here for no reason):
Glazio Kawaii- The first person to talk to me, probably my best friend on this site! Also, she’s into Gladion. Pure gold.

Miss Magcargo- She’s really fun to talk to! Also, Glazio, KitKat, Mega-Blade X (not to be confused with me), Darkrai07, and her write super cool stories! If you work on this project with them and you were not named, I’m really sorry. A great friend! Please, for everyone’s sake, COME BACK. OMG YOU HEARD OUR WISHES YOU'RE BACK!!!!

Mega-Blade X- Yay! I got to know him well, and he's a super good friend of mine!

Darkrai07- Im Dark's.... personal team tester on showdown! Yeah! That’s what I am! Also, an amazing friend.

ItsYaBoiFlareon- yes, yes, maybe yes.

SpillThePolteageist- My personal team criticizer. My Togekiss needs to drop Ancient Power according to him.

That’s really it for now! Hope to get more friends in the future LOL.
About me: Ummm…. well, first things first I HAVE A POKEMON OBSSESSION. My Krookodile will E-quake you until there is nothing to left E-quake, and my Sylveon will make you question why you live. But let me set something straight: I'm AWFUL at competitive battling. Never blacked out before in my year (ok, maybe half a year, but I was researching for years) of Pokémon experience but I suck at Showdown. I'm really talkative and peppy and my favorite type is Dragon (c'mon, we all know they are the best). My favorite move is Earthquake and my favorite Mega Evolution is Charizard Y. I hate Emboar, all the weird fossil Pokémon in Galar, Geodude, and Smeargle. Flareon is garbage, Mega Rayquaza is OP (Edit: OHKOed one with an Outrage from my regular Rayquaza), Chingling is adorable, Emboar wants to make me puke. If I had traveled through every region I would have picked these starters:
Charmander/Bulbasaur (Mega Charizard Y shouldn’t be picking Bulbasaur, I know, but cmon my name is the only reason Charmander is on here)
Mudkip (Obvi)

Yeah so those would be my choices. Here is my favorite Pokémon from every region:

Kanto: Mewtwo, no contest
Johto: Come here, lil Cyndaquil
Hoenn: To many great pokemon to choose.... (Mudkip)
Sinnoh:  Garchomp! Use Earthquake! Crowd----->O.O (Lucario)
Unova: I really can't choose! (Snivy and Zekrom)
Kalos: Anything that goes Mega _____ Y/Amaura/Goodra
Alola: Kartana. It's adorable. Admit it.
Galar: I couldn't care less. (Drakeon. The eeveelution we were robbed of.)

Now my favorite Pokémon by type:

Normal: Kangaskhan (Kidding! Its Type: Null.)
Fighting: Conkeldurr
Electric: Zekrom
Fire: Mega Y/Braixen
Water: Mudkip
Grass/Steel: Kartana
Also Grass: Snivy
Dragon: I refuse to pit them against each other.
Flying: Next.
Poison/Ghost: Gengar
Fairy: Tapu Lele/Sylveon
Psychic: Tapu Lele/Espeon
Ground: Krookodile
Rock/Ice: Amaura
Dark: T-tar
Bug: Volcarona

If I missed a type, tell me. Im too lazy to check.

Started first Nuzlocke ever (Pokemon Shield) 4/20/20 (picked Scorbunny, updates soon) Edit: Quit on same day, I need to catch more Pokémon in each area! (Also, I couldn't do it without cheating to save the lives of my Pokémon)

“Leaked Plastic is the Ultimate Meal.” Glazio Kawaii, 2020, wow, her keyboard has a mind of its own.

"Isn't that right, -GMaxCharizardX-?" ItsYaBoiFlareon, also 2020. I hate him for it, but I can't help but laugh at his "creativity".

"IM AS STRAIGHT AS STRAIGHT CAN MAKE ME!!!" ShinyCharizardEX, again, all of these are from 2020. Might have gotten this quote wrong, Glazio, help meeeeeeee!!! Thx Glazio, ur a lifesaver (I like cherry ones)

"Chazoird." Not sure who the heck said this to me, and this isn't the full quote, but wow did they spell my name wrong, 2020.

"My secret is... I hate boys!!!" Me, 2020, what I wished could be in my Festival Plaza but Gamefreak doesn't want me to hate boys.

Shinies (Hacked):
Ultra Sun: Mewtwo (WT, Hacked), Rayquaza (WT, Hacked), Rotom-F (WT, Hacked)

Shinies (Legit):
Ultra Sun: Jangmo-o (traded a Type: Null for it, from Glazio :), Thx), Quagsire (5/7/20, in a Wormhole, who the heck knows how I encountered it), Hippowdon (5/8/20, in a Wormhole, why did I encounter 2 in 2 days?), Quagsire (5/8/20, Wormhole, Huh?), Nuzleaf (5/8/20, Wormhole, Uhhh), Medicham (Wormhole, 5/9/2020, do I really care? No.) Barbaracle (5/20/20, in a wormhole, I like its shiny.)

I feel like I should thank you for reading this, if you have ever read Glazio Kawaii's about me she does. Of course, ItsYaBoiFlareon just straight up says he isn't going to thank you like her, so I have a "life changing" decision to make.


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The Glazio News

The most exciting recent Pokemon news would have to be that I got an Adamant natured Eevee from Y, which is great since I can breed it. Shout-out to Y. The Chao news is non-existent at the time, since I haven't been in the Chao Garden yet. Fanfic news time. A bit more work was done on my main fanfic, as well as the fanfic about the kids and the Pokemon characters. Now that I have the Eevee, I can give it a Destiny Knot and breed it for a female Adamant Eevee and breed that with my perfect IVs Eevee, which has Egg Moves, until I get a male Adamant Eevee with near-perfect IVs. Hopefully it won't take long. This has been the Glazio news, and I'm bored and shall now sign off.
8 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
Why on earth would I blame you?
9 hours ago by Lukas Sands
Hih? Well im staying clear i don’t think  soneobes happy with me being there
10 hours ago by Lukas Sands
Ok i don’t want drama but u were there did i misread or did “why’d you change you’re name three times.” And “and to fanfic characters you arent even doing the fanfics for.” Sound like soneone was mad at me? I was only curiours and people got mad...
10 hours ago by Lukas Sands
I forgive you, I guess
12 hours ago by Mega-Blade X
Okay when ur ready just eall the bio to me i’ll add you in
1 day ago by Lukas Sands
How sad
1 day ago by Mega-Blade X
No you can't i trademarked that
1 day ago by Mega-Blade X
If uvactually want to be in my story u can have  illusion oligy like X but i’ll need a bil do u want the guidelines? I thought i sent them tobu but maybe not
1 day ago by Lukas Sands
Cuz i can and ivthink you’ll like this

Pikachu is yellow, except for when he’s shiny then he’s orange unless he’s yellow then he’s not unkess he is
1 day ago by Lukas Sands