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Gender: I identify as a bag of toster waffles, thank you very much
Country: Whenever you go out, always remember to Bewearing Yamask :) #StopTheSpread
Favorite Pokémon: Furret/Gastrodon + :D
Friend Codes: Feel free to DM my Discord! :D SnomBoi#6882
UWUnicorn92604 on Battle Camp, wondering if anyone knows Yash99? I miss him aaaa

Quotes I put together to make you feel better! :D

Very ebic.
Ignis Aqua Herba thinks it's ebic too. Same with Kyurem Plack. Ebic
About me: I like Pokemon and I like to learn things too :D

I am a keen singer, artist, and writer, and I play the ukulele too! I have been singing for over 6 years, and played Pokemon starting with the Anime/Pokemon GO for 5 years. Ukulele for 6 months, writing since forever. I am currently writing about a trainer's story, from the POV of his shiny starter, Typhlosion, and his Furret. It's going really well :)

I also play a lot of Pokemon Showdown, look out on my wall where I will post videos of Showdown replays!

I play Random, Random Monotype, Little Cup, Gen 8 OU/Blitz, Metronome Doubles, PU, Balanced Hackmons, Pure Hackmons, and 1v1s!


~~Put this on you profile if you want to #StopTheSpread of Covid-19. Let's end the pandemic together!~~


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* Didn't keep track of 9/8, oops XD


Random movesets I will update if I feel like it:
Tell me what you think :D



Pokemon GO!
- Swablu: 2016 random Shiny, not a community day or anything, super happy, but she's still a Swablu.
- Seedot: 2020 community day, he's now a Nuzleaf.
- Lotad: 2020 community day, she's now a Ludicolo!
- Raichu: 2020 random research reward. I got normal Alolan Raichu, then my brother got another Alolan Raichu, then I got a shiny Alolan Raichu, what a weird couple of weeks that was lol
- Kricketot: 2020 community day, named Glitterbug.

Sword & Shield
- Perrserker: (Square) Random shiny outside Spikemuth in Playthrough. Caught in ultra ball, so hyped and scared because it was my first shiny in Sword and Shield and was very shocked, just threw the ball lol. Named her Gold, because yellow , shiny, viking pillager etc.

- Corviknight (Star), EV training in Route 1, random shiny Rookidee. Female named Caveira, caught in
Moon Ball because why not lol.

- Drednaw (Square). After shiny hunting Drifloon for more than 11 IN GAME HOURS, I had a streak of over 620+. I got bored and started fishing at Magnolia's. If I feel like going fishing I always go to Magnolia's for some reason lol. Anyway, I was greeted by a lil' green turtle boi, which I evolved into Drednaw :)) I called her Seaweed!

- Lilligant (Square). After getting my Shiny Drednaw, I decided that I should try and level her up by Max Raids, and try and use her for them, too! I go to the watery part of the Training Lowlands, and see a Max Raid there! "Yay, this will be my first max raid witih **is Lilligant**... Seaweed you can sit this one out... Well I'll use Ice Rider Calyrex. :)

"Wait that Lilligant looks a bit-- (whoooooosssshhhh!) oH mY gOD ITs a ShINy!!!!!!!" I was too hyped to notice it's squares, but honestly, I LUCKED OUT ON THE MAX PARTNERS!!! I got SLOWBRO, SALAZZLE, AND HAWLUCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They used Shell Side Arm, Flamethrower, and Flying Press respectively, It was awesome, debating whether or not I should use my last Master Ball, I used an Ultra Ball and caught it! It made my day :))))))))))

p.s. i found another and gave it to my little brother :D

Druddigon (Star)
Online Max Raid battle, got pretty hyped lol, named him Pickle :]
He has made me love Druddigon loads more though. Not much to say about him (Rocky Helmet + Rough Skin do be fun though), I like him lots, but not sure how I got him/whether he was hacked or not? I don't think so because he was modest nature and terrible IVs, so I don't think he was hacked.

Lycanroc-Dusk (Square)
Offline Max raid, which means that it was full odds! In Challenge Road, there is a 20% chance for  Lycanroc-Dusk to appear. 6IV too (Quiet Nature LOL). I didn't realise that it was Dusk until it used Crunch and it's eyes went red and I was like... ... WAIT A SECOND HOLY--
Ironic because I am in the middle of a Rockruff Masuda Method hunt lol. I named Dusky Boi Eclipse, so happy :D (Oh yeah I used

Shiny Hunts:
Starting a Lurantis Masuda method, but completing a Spanish Let's Go, Eevee! playthrough to get "Siesta", the Spanish Ditto first, also helping me learn more Spanish too! :D

Making a Shiny Team by the end of 2021. Getting through Covid-19, a nice thing to be occupied with.

- Drednaw, ✔ - Random Shiny/high shiny chance. Done!
- Lilligant, ✔ - March Flowers Event! Done!
-Druddigon, ✔ - Random Shiny online Max Raid.
- Lycanroc-Dusk, ✔ - Random Shiny offline Max Raid.
- Heracross, X - Masuda Method. Not started yet.
- Meowstic, X - Masuda Method. Not started yet.


Playthrough Champion Teams (In order played):
Sword 1: Rilaboom, Corviknight, Venusaur (Isle of Armor), Urshifu-Rapid, Unfezant (F), & Obstagoon.
Sword 2: Cinderace, Butterfree, Urshifu-Single, Toxtricity, Drednaw, & Gastrodon
Sword 3: Inteleon, Perrserker, Whimsicott, Dracozolt, Noivern, & Drifblim.
Let's Go, Eevee!: Eevee, Arcanine, Lapras, Nidoking, Venomoth, & Venusaur.
Sword 4*: Sableye, Golurk, Chandelure, Gengar, Dragapult, & Mimikyu.
Sword 5**: See below for current team, not done yet
Let's Go, Eevee! 2: Eevee, Arcanine, Beedril, Ninetales-Alola, Nidoqueen, & Magneton

*Sword 4 was a Ghost Monotype Playthrough, which I really enjoyed. My favourite one yet!
**Sword 5 is my ongoing Nuzlocke w/my brother.


Doing a Sword Nuzlocke w/ My lil brother ^^ we started 17/02/2021.

Nickname theme: Food (Brother: Sauces lol)

Whoever has the least deaths at the end of the GST, wins! (Main Game, DLC, GST)

My Pokemon are:
- Taco the Cinderace, Starter
- Berry the Greedent, Route 1
- Fudge the Sandslash, Warm-Up Tunnel
- Pepper the Scizor, Training Lowlands
- Tuna the Dracovish, Fossil Restoration
- Spaghetti the Heliolisk, Route 6

Location: About to destroy Bedey Boi in the final battle (for now) in the champion cup thing.

1, (Rip) Potato the Galvantula, who will be sorely missed. He died to a Superpower from a Grapploct entcounter, on the last turn before it died to hail. I'M SO SAD AND SO SORRY! Ah well, he did great :')

Let me know what you think!!


Hey, you got to the end! That means you appreciate what I have to say, have a great day/night/week/life :D

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Very nice
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"Thank you", the Ditto said placidly.
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*Vibbin’ Support*
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Results are in, I am doing a Water Nuzlocké! Also I started a new thing on my wall, and I want you to check it out :D
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Thank you lol, also great quote
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Mega Charizard Y vs. Snom

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5 days ago by ~Polaris~
6 days ago by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
Also, species clause. Meaning that I would be rocking a Pikachu until Lavender Town, then I would get one Gastly, and a Cubone in rock tunnel I trade for a Alolan Marowak.
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