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Gender: they/them or I’ll piss your kneecaps
Country: You have a 1/196 chance of getting it right
Favorite Pokémon: Amethyst <3
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About me: Fizz’s self-proclaimed girlfriend
Ht’s imaginary girlfriend
CC’s Husband
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BM’s bestie
Everyone’s crush

Creator of KARL890 meme
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Confidently stupid and mentally unstable. Whether I’m your best friend or worst enemy is up to you.

I Should Not Feel This Much Anxiety Tending To A Pokémon Website


Quotes (aka dumb things I’ve said at some point):

~krlw I will break your kneecaps~
~As far as I’m concerned I’m just an immature adult with unhealthy boundries~
~you were around 7 years old when i first joined the database~
~pm plz give me an odd number of points~
~I may be adult... but adult I'm not~
~If I wanted a bulbapedia page, I would’ve went on bulbapedia~
~EVERYONE has a crush on me. I mean, I have a crush on a 30 year old~
~Soon: 19 year old and 15 year old. Committing arson.~
~I think my name is tea for a reason~
~ In conclusion we be immature bxtches but now we’re immature bxtches together~
~I ordered 72 cookies from my local subway~
~And trees.~
~come to think of it this waterbottole is bigger than a full term fetus meaning if I can drink the whole thing and survive within an hour I’ll probably survive labour~
~Suggestion: ban all the dumb little kids~

I will not hesitate to downvote you and bite your kneecaps

I’m here to stay. deal with it.

I promise I’m cool


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Editor - 01/11/22
Front page of users: soon
Mod (for realz): 2022-2023 promotions maybe idk

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actually wheezing now i love that response
13 hours ago by Amethyst
Do the words "deemo" and "houseflipper" mean anything to you
13 hours ago by Amethyst
14 hours ago by Aaaaaaaaa
1 day ago by Amethyst
a minute ago
I am an anime girl
In my anime world
Life in sketches
It’s fantastic

Are you parodying the barbie theme song or is this just the worst ******* coincidence ive ever seen lol
1 day ago by Amethyst
whats the name of the channel
2 days ago by neo magius
i feel like ive been talking about sailor moon way too much im sorry i should ask how youve been
2 days ago by ~Greyscale~
(Ty ur hot and u can't convince me otherwise-)
2 days ago by ○Celestial Shadows●
Allison read the letters I gave here today (or at least one of them) and she responded. She doesn't want to be friends anymore. Basically, she doesn't read the letters I send her anymore,  because I write too much (which, I'll admit, I do, but I can't help it sometimes, I think a lot), she doesn't like writing back, and because I send them at the worst times (Sometimes, I'm cursed with bad timing lol). She also doesn't want to be the one I vent to (which to that, I'll say I vent about my feelings more to the internet people), and she doesn't want me to develop anymore feelings for her (because she finds it creepy, especially since I know where her instrument case is, which dang , she really doesn't like that...). She doesn't feel like hanging out anymore, and she feels like she tells me too much and it gets awkward for her. She ended saying sorry if it sounded harsh, and she tried politely to decline our friendship.

Tbh I kinda expected something like this, and it actually didn't sting much or get me down. In fact, it actually made me happier. My feelings for her, and my nervousness, are gone (but to be fair, I never liked her THAT much, it was only a little which is why it was so quick), and I'm feeling soooooo relieved, now that I don't have to worry about my feelings. I definitely could have played the cards differently, and maybe we'd still be friends (which I'm not all that too bummed out about), but it's life, and what happened happened.
2 days ago by ○Celestial Shadows●
wait you have a youtube channel?
3 days ago by neo magius