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I've been using my ferrothorn heatran gliscor team and I haven't gotten past 25 but now I'm thinking of putting my gengar on instead of gliscor here are my set ups

Ferrothorn @ leftovers
brave nature
(not sure of EV's cuase I didn't know how to train for them before)
Gyro ball
power whip
leech seed

Heatran @wise glasses
4hp 252 SpA 252 Sp
earth power

Gengar @focus sash
4hp 252 SpA 252 Sp

Pain split
Shadow ball
focus blast

Usually the strategy is to lead with ferrothorn and switch out if I know a fighting or fire move is coming he can take most hits even from eq with out losing half hp then with leftovers and leach seed he heals up good. If it a defensive poke I can abuse curse and the gyro or whip to OHKO most things. Heatran takes all fire moves with his ability and can use earth power or toxic accordingly. If a fighting move comes I obviosly would switch to gliscor (or now gengar) and finish everything else off.

I usually get hax with sleep or freezing and it takes me 5 turns to come out of it if you see anything that you don't like or suggestions please let me know

If I were you I would use Gengar because if you use Gliscor all of your pokemon have a 400% weakness. If you use Gengar you can get rid of Heatrans 400% weakness with levitate.

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Ferrothorn: Replace Power Whip with Stealth Rock/Toxic and maybe Curse for the other. EVs: should be 104 Defense, 104 Sp. Defense, 252 HP, 40 Attack

Heatran: Replace Flamethrower with Magma Storm, and Toxic + Protect, replace for Sunny Day and Solarbeam.

Gengar: You could replace this for something with magic Guard to protect from hax if you want. Reniculus would work:

Reniculus: Light Clay

Light Screen
Shadow Ball/Focus Blast