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no teirs just suggest pokemon

role: wall/hazard
item: leftovers
moves: sandstorm/toxic/protect/stealth rock/
evs: 252 defense/252 special defense/

role: physical sweeper
item: please help
evs: 252 hp/ 252 attack
moves: earthquake/drill run/brick break/rapid spin/

role: mixed sweeper
item: please help
evs: 252 attack/252 special attack
moves: eruption/earth power/sandstorm/flamethrower

role: choice band
item: choice band
evs: 252 attack/252 defense
moves: head smash/outrage/earthquake/magnet rise/

role: baton pass
item: please help
evs: 252 hp/252 speed
moves: swords dance/baton pass/psychic/aura sphere

role: sweeper
item: life orb
evs: 252 attack/ 252 special attack
moves: power trick/earthquake/stone edge/sandstorm/***

No sand inducer,  replace on of the shackles for tyranitar.
I know it's not a great team, but please don't down-vote this, he worked very hard on this team and he has no experience in the metagame. All I'm gonna say.
I didn't downvote
I never said you did, but I'm requesting that no one does.
Oh, and just answered.
Excadrill makes the team Ubers.
It tierless, but it would get wiped out in ubers

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Get rid of sandstorm on Shuckle. Give it rollout. It can be usefull.

Excadrill is great but get rid of drill run for rock slide. It's worked wonders for me.

Don't play mixed camerupt.
Evs. 252 sp. attack, 252 hp. The other four don't matter.
Item choice band
Earth power
Hidden power grass.
Flame thrower.
The goal is to kill wit a specs boosted eruption.

Affront is great but magnet rise is useless because with a choice item you're locked in it. Get rid of magnet rise for hp water. Mainly use head smash for great damage and no recoil. Also get rid of 252 defence and put it into hp. It's better bulk.

Baton pass mew is a good idea but get rid of psyscic for agility. Give it the leftovers.

This Shuckle needs to go. Imagine this scenario
Shuckle used power trick.
Ferrothorn used power whip.
Shuckle has fainted.
Replace Shuckle with tyranitar for permanent sand.
Item life ob
Evs 252 attack, 252 hp.
Ariel ace
Stone edge.

All in all, a pretty good team.

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You mean choice specs on camerupt?
Yes I do