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Jolteon @ Air Balloon
Timid Nature
Volt Absorb
252 SAtk/ 252 Spd/ 4 Def
- Thunderbolt
- Signal Beam
- Hidden Power (Ice)
- Shadow Ball

Arcanine @ Life Orb
Adamant Nature
Flash Fire
252 Atk/ 160 Spd/ 36 HP
- Flare Blitz
- Wild Charge
- ExtremeSpeed
- Close Combat

Swampert @ Expert Belt
Careful Nature
252 Def/ 160 SDef/ 36 HP
- Scald
- Earthquake
- Hammer Arm
- Curse

Cofagrigas @ Chesto Berry
Impish Nature
252 HP/ 160 SDef/ 36 Def
- Shadow Ball
- Calm Mind
- Will-O-Wisp
- Rest

Wobbuffet @ Rocky Helmet
Careful Nature
Shadow Tag
252 Def/ 252 SDef/ 4 HP
- Counter
- Mirror Coat
- Destiny Bond
- Safeguard

so i'm torn between:

Lucario @ Muscle Band
Adamant Nature
Inner Focus
252 SAtk/ 160 Atk/ 36 Spd
- Close Combat
- Psychic
- ExtremeSpeed
- Flash Cannon


Scizor @ Choice Scarf
Adamant Nature
252 Atk/ 252 Spd/ 4 Def
- Bullet Punch
- U-Turn
- Pursuit
- Super Power

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Well, both are great Pokemon.

If you choose Lucario, choose Iron Head over Flash Cannon. And maybe a Life Orb over Choice band as you do not want to get locked into Extreme Speed when versing a Magnezone with Magnet Pull. Psychic could be used but I would not suggest it. it can be useful sometime so I would say keep it. Extreme Speed and Close Combat are a must because of this is Lucario. Overall: Above Average Pokemon

I love your Scizor. U-turn on a Choice Scarf set has been proven soooo useful. Super Power is great for massive power with his Attack stat. Bullet Punch for priority is also useful on this set. Pursiut would be used for fleeing Ghost/Psychic types I am supposing? Overall: Great Pokemon.

I love both of these Pokemon so I cannot exactly tell you which one to take. but from an experienced Pokemon player, chose Scizor due to his power, type defenses, and usefulness on this particular team.


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Thanks. its good to hear that i put together a half decent Scizor spread. Scizors are so hard to make a good set because its so common in OU and Uber. its always that one subtle thing that you do different that seems to make or break a set. So im glad that this one looks promising. thanks for the help :)