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Since I'm not gonna be able to battle in the LC Starter Tourney,I might as well find out if this team is good.

Treecko (F) @ Eviolite
Ability:Overgrow Nature:Hasty
Evs. 36 HP/240 SpA/200 Spe
Leaf Storm
Hidden Power [Fire]
Giga Drain
Quick Attack

Totodile (M) @ Life Orb
Ability:Torrent Nature:Adamant
Evs.236 Atk/4 Def/252 Spe
Dragon Dance
Ice Punch

Chimchar (M) @ Life Orb
Ability:Blaze Nature:Hasty
Evs.4 HP/56 Atk/216 SpA/4 SpD/188 Spe
Fake Out
Fire Blast
Hidden Power [Grass]

Squirtle (M) @ Eviolite
Ability:Torrent Nature:Bold
Evs.244 HP/156 Def/84 SpD/20 Spe
Rapid Spin
Hidden Power [Fire]

Chikorita (F) @ Eviolite
Ability:Overgrow Nature:Calm
Evs.156 HP/156 Def/156 SpD
Giga Drain

Charmander (M) @ Life Orb
Ability:Blaze Nature:Adamant
Evs.180 Atk/92 Def/236 Spe
Dragon Dance
Flare Blitz
Thunder Punch
Brick Break

Not the team I was gonna use in the LC Starter Tourney.Ok?

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Stealth rock is banned on chimchar
It's good
I have some suggestions, but they will mostly be personal preference, do you want them?
putting eviolite on everything wasnt the best move
Why not?
If you haunt used so much eviolite I might not have one by such a big marigan
will someone put this in to a copy paste format to use on pokemon showdown
This is  in showdown format. Also, this is a VERY old team, so you probably shouldn't use it unless you're playing old gen. Even then it's not very good without the revisions below.

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Let me rate this too. I think I can give some different suggestions.

However, I'm not about to delve into LC EVs, so just bear with me.

Treeko: He's like a fast tank. It's cool. Even though you have quick attack on him, I think it would be OK to give him a Modest/Timid nature, because quick attack isn't going to do tons of damage anyway, it's just meant for finishing off the opponent. He's good, his set is good too.

Totodile: There's the good ol' Feraligatr set. He takes after his daddy. Looks good, good set, I assume Crunch is the neutral damage for other water types. If you wanted, you could give him superpower instead, because it's awesome. I'd give him eviolite to make him bulky. Don't listen to Unrecognizable, it's fine ;)

Chimchar: OK, Let me provide you with a different set.

Chimchar @ Flying Gem
Trait: Blaze
EVs: As many as you can in speed and attack
Nature: Hasty (+Spe, -Def)
-Fake Out

Alright, this is the awesome mixed attacker. He'll hit hard with overheat when he needs to, and gets coverage on water types with thunderpunch. Acrobatics is more powerful than a STAB fire-punch, and still kills the grass things. It should work well.

Squirtle: He's probably going to be your defensive go-to dude. He'll be your toxic staller. I see you threw in HP fire for the grass types, but you can go ahead and give him Ice beam, for more power. Give him as much HP and SpD as possible, with a Calm Nature. This will allow him to take more Giga Drains and Energy balls from the grass types. Give him Protect instead of Rapid Spin, I don't think entry hazards are going to be a huge threat.

Chikorita: Alrighty, since you already have a toxic staller, let me give you this different idea:

Chikorita @ Eviolite
Trait: Overgrow
EVs: As many as you can in Physical Defense and HP.
Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk)
-Light Screen

This guy will be your dual screener. He'll allow your Squirtle to live more attacks, making him a more effective toxic staller. Chikorita here will also heal you up with aromatherapy. He should work pretty well.

Charmander: Keep the set, but replace Brick Break with Dragon Claw. He looks like a good sweeper to me, but life orb with flare blitz could make recoil hurt, so give him Eviolite instead, which will help him get up more dragon dances.

Alright, please give me some feedback. Good luck to you and your LC starter team, and good luck in the tournament.

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Giga, Little Cup EVs work much differently then regular EVs.
Oh. ermmmmmmmmmmmmmm
wow,those seem great!