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For competitive. NO HIDDEN POWER!
My team right now is:

Flamethrower, Brick Break, Sunny Day, Solar Beam.
This is my sunny day Typhlosion. Solar Beam for it's rock, water, and ground weaknesses. Sunny Day for Solar Beam, and Flamethrower. Flamethrower for STAB, and I like the extra PP. Brick Break for type coverage.

Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, Power Gem, ???
My all-arounder, Ampharos. T-Bolt for STAB, and to make use of a higher special attack. Signal Beam, and Power gem for type coverage. Not sure of 4th move. I currently have Thunder.

Outrage, Crunch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch.
My Anti-Dragon Type, Kangaskhan. Outrage and Ice Punch for dragons(Ice Punch is for Dragonites and such). Crunch and Fire Punch for coverage.

Surf, Ice Beam, Perish Song, Thunderbolt.
Mainly for finishing off that last Pokemon. Surf and Ice Beam are great moves in general, and both have STAB. Thunderbolt for other Water-Types, and coverage. Perish Song is
used to get your opponent to change to a better match-up, OR to finish off there last Pokemon at the end of a battle.

Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt.
My all out offensive Dragonite. Earthquake doesn't need explanation. Dragon Claw for other dragons and neutral damage. Flamethrower for Ice-Types. Thunderbolt for coverage.

Heal Bell, Milk Drink, Attract, Focus Punch.
My medic, Miltank. Heal Bell, and Milk Drink are for healing. But before healing, I use attract to hold the attacker off. After healing, while they're still infatuated, Focus Punch can be used for heavy damage. Need help for something more reliable than attract.

Any suggestions? I'd like to keep it within Johto Region, but I'll migrate from my Leaf Green if I have to. I'm also very willing to use a Tyranitar. I'd like help for items, move-set improvements, or if I should use a different Pokemon altogether. Also tell me if there are any common weaknesses. Thanks for your answers in advanced!

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A melee Sp. Dragonite.Not good
No offence, but this team is pretty faulty. My Machamp could easily sweep Miltank, Kanghaskan and Lapras. You really need some resistance, and variations in moves. The team is multi-tiered as well, and the team looks like, because of Dragonite, the team is OU. If he faints, basically the rest of the team (except for Typhlosion) is NU, and you'd be hopeless. This needs a bit of work...
OMG I'm sorry I even posted this. This was before I knew anything about competitive battling. I didn't know anything about EVs, or the fact that most of the Pokemon on this team suck. My new team is a LOT less sucky, I promise. I'll post my OU team soon.

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As far as I now this team needs lot of improvements..
I give the moveset's for these Pokemon...
-Flamethrower=Good fire type move and gives STAB
-Focus Blast=Coverage from rock types
-Eruption=Always a good move for Typhlosion
-ThunderPunch=Coverage water

The only thing that you need to worry about is a ground type

Magnet Rise=Gives you Immunity to ground type or another opinion is Iron Tail
Thunder Wave=Lowers foes speed and may not make it move
Thunder Bolt/Thunder=If you have an pokemo that can learn rain dance(like lapras) set it and use thunder but if you don't want to make your lapras learn rain dance go with thunder bolt.
Signal Beam=A very common move on this guy.I recommend it.

All the moves are ok but tell me something... crunch and fire punch what coverage do they do?if you want coveryge replace fire punch with an aerial ace.

Well this Pokemon for me is an support Pokemon but is your choice
as you say before this Pokemon for you is an revenge killer (finishes the job)
and there for this moveset will be good
Ice Shard=Priority and finishes the foe.
Surf=STAB or you could go with hydro pump but surf is better
Ice Beam=One of the best ice type move
Dragon Pulse=Good move.

EarthQuake=.........(you now what I mean)
Dragon Rush/Outrage=Both are good but remember that outrage after 2 attacks gives you confusion.
Dragon Dance=Power up speed and attack
Fly/Aerial Ace=Your preference

now is time for not miltank but a staller Pokemon and a bulky one...
I'm talking of.........Venusaur
Your thinking how to get it.Watch this video and see how=
And now for it's moveset=
Leech seed= more life for the staller
Giga drain=more life and damage
toxic=poison stall
Sleep Powder=sleep powerfull Pokemon.

Anyway your are missing very powerfull Pokemon such as Nidoking-Arcainine-Alakazam-machamp-gengar and many more..
well hope that I helped xD

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