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My first core team.Point of it is to leave my foe's Pokemon helpless.
Forretress(F)@ Leftovers
EV's:252 HP,252 Sp.Defense,4 Attack
-Spikes(Set up)
-Toxic Spikes(Set up)
-Rapid Spin(Get rid of set up)
Set up,Rapid Spin, and Earthquake is great coverage for its 4X weakness to Fire.
Crobat(F)@Black Sludge
Ability:Inner Focus
EV's:252 HP,252 Attack,4 Sp.Defense
-Mean Look(Keep my pray in)
-U-Turn(If its a bad match up)
-Poison Fang(STAB Toxic)
-Giga Drain(Coverage HP recover)
When the match up is good mean look them in and go for the kill.U-Turn out if there is any danger.
Ability:Arena Trap
EV's:252 HP,252 Attack,4 Speed
-Stone Edge(Coverage)
-Beat Up(The power of 6=Pain)
-Hone Claws(Boosting)
Cover's Crobat and same job but no moves to run away with.
Alalazam(M)@Choice Scarf
EV's:252 HP,252 Sp.Attack,4 Speed
-Trick(Lock into a move)
-Disable(Lock into Struggle)
-Shadow Ball(Coverage)
-Recover(HP Recover)
Trap a foe in a move and kill them off.
Nidoqueen(F)@Black Sludge
EV's:252 HP,252 Attack,4 Sp.Defense
-Attract(Less likely to be hit)
-Iron Tail(Coverage)
-Hone Claws(Boosting)
-Beat Up(Same as before)
Leave the foe less likely to attack with Attract,boost with Hone Claws,and hit hard.
Ability:Natural Cure
EV's:252 HP,252 Defense,4 Sp.Defense
-Softboiled(HP recover)
-Seismic Toss(100 Damage)
-Heal Bell(Just keep beating them up)
-Healing Wish
Team Support and Stall

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Det Ice weakness.
This doesn't really help the Ice weakness but you could swap something for Altaria running Perish Song, Roost, Cotton Guard, and Dragon Pulse. Makes a sturdy physical wall,  Dragon Pulse is great coverage, and Perish Song can troll the bejezuz out of an opponent Pokemon when it uses Song then switches out for Dugtrio with Arena Trap. if you run a Focus Sash and Protect on Dugtrio the opponent is helpless and can only watch their pokemon Perish *evil smile*

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