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Emboar @ Leftovers(Wall)
Naughty nature
Brick Break-STAB and for pokemon fire moves arent good against
Flame Charge-STAB and speed boost
Flamethrower-STAB and fair damage
Stone Edge-Used to deal with fire types

Gengar @ Spooky Plate(Basic Fighter)
Hasty nature
Poison Jab-STAB,chance of poisoning,good against grass types
Shadow Punch-STAB,no misses,good against ghost and psychics
Dark Pulse-Good damage,may make the target flinch
Destiny Bond-Used on hard to kill pokemon

Flygon @ Choice Scarf(Sweeper)
Bashful nature
Earthquake-STAB,high damage,good sweeper
Dragon Claw-STAB,high damage
Stone Edge-High damage,high crit ratio,good cover
U-Turn-Useful for psychics,dark,and grass

Metagross @ Meal Coat(Wall)
Naive nature
Agility-To help raise is speed
Zen Headbutt-STAB,chance of flinching
Meteor Mash-STAB,high damage
Hyper Beam-High damage

Hitmonlee @ Metal Powder(Basic Fighter)
Sassy nature
Close Combat-STAB,high damage,metal powder makes up for defence lowering
Hi Jump Kick-STAB,high damage
Reversal-STAB,useful for close situations
Mega Kick-High damage,thinking on changing

Walrein @ Icicle Plate(Wall)
Jolly nature
Blizzard-STAB,boosted by plate,chance of freezing
Rest-Heal up and time to strategize
Ice Fang-STAB,chance of flinch or freezing
Aurora Beam-STAB,lowers enemy attack,thinking on changing

Please tell me if i should change moves or the pokemon.


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Imo, Emboar doesn't make a very good wall, 4 weaknesses and low defences with a moderate-high HP.

Instead, I would give it a sweeper set:
Hammer Arm
Stone Edge/ Earthquake
Hidden Power (electric/ water)

Gengar: I would switch to a Sp. Attacker, since it's attack stat is really low. Something like this:
Shadow Ball
Sludge Bomb
Focus Blast (coverage)
Giga Drain

You can make it hold Black Sludge as well.

Flygon's x4 Ice weakness is really crippling, so you either need to know what your opponent is going to send out, or it's going to get KO'ed w/ Ice Punch or Blizzard before you can even use it.

I would suggest another Dragon type? Or maybe an Electric type for coverage. Nothing wrong with Flygon, but in competitive play, there are better choices. Garchomp, with the same typing, is a better sweeper, having higher speed & attack stats. Imo, you could replace Emboar with Garchomp, but I'd understand if you wanted to keep your starter.

@ Expert Belt/ Leftovers
Earthquake (STAB)
Stone Edge (type coverage + Ice weakness)
Dragon Pulse (STAB)
Crunch (type coverage)

If you want an electric option, Rotom-Wash is a good one. Also, Rotom-Fan or Emolga have an interesting Electric/ Flying typing. Despite Emolga being frail and Rotom-Fan having a limited move pool, they're pretty fun to use. If you want on for OU, go for Rotom-Wash.

Item: Water Gem/ Cell Battery
Ab: Levitate
Volt Switch
Hydro Pump
Shadow Ball

Item: Light Clay
Ab: Levitate
Role: Defence support
Volt Switch
Light Screen
Thunderbolt/ Air Slash

With Metagross, there's no point trying to raise speed that isn't really there, because by the time you do so, Metagross could have taken a lot of damage already, so I would go for Stealth Rock or Toxic instead of Agility. I would also replace Hyper Beam with Hammer Arm. You need to recharge with Hyper Beam, and Metagross shouldn't care about speed anyway.
Toxic/ Stealth Rock
Hammer Arm
Zen Headbutt
Meteor Mash

Another option could be Skarmory, since it can set up both Spikes & Stealth Rock.

I would recommend Mienshao instead of Hitmonlee, with this set:
Ab: Regenerator
Item: Expert Belt
Drain Punch
High-Jump Kick/ Aura Sphere (depends if you're feeling lucky or want some mixed damage)
Stone Edge (type coverage)

Regenerator U-Turn Mienshao is a good combo, since it will regain 33% of its HP upon switching out, along with Drain Punch being damage & heal at the same time. Stone Edge for flying types, and U-Turn to escape from Psychic types while dealing x2 damage.

Walrein has a horrible typing (Ice negating almost all the resistances water has), so instead I would recommend a healer/ support instead, such as:

@ Leftovers
Ab: Serene Grace
Heal Bell
Baton Pass
Drain Punch/ Flamethrower

Drain Punch/ Shadow Ball is there to prevent Togekiss from being trapped by Taunt. Either Drain Punch for heal stall, or Flamethrower for type coverage (since Drain Punch is x0 against Ghosts), and Serene Grace doubles the chance of burning.

Imo, Togekiss is one of the best heal supports, since it can learn both Heal Bell, Wish, in addition to a quick switch move, i.e. Baton Pass, coupled with a good sp. defence.

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