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My team:

Gengar- (Life orb) (Timid) (Levitate)

Moves- Substitute/ Thunderbolt/ Shadowball/ Focus blast

Evs: 4 HP/ 252 SpA/ 252 Spe

Roles- Spinblocker/ semi substall/ and Special revenge killer

Ferrothorn- (Leftovers) (Relaxed) (Iron barbs)

Moves- Spikes/ Stealth rock/ Leech seed/ Protect

Evs: 252 HP/ 88 Def/ 168 SpD

Roles- Mixed wall/ hazard setter

Zapdos- (Leftovers)(Calm) (Pressure)

Moves- Thunderbolt/ Roost/ Roar/ Heat wave

Evs: 248 HP/ 228 SpD/ 32 Spe

Roles- Special wall/ phazer/ pressure staller (Made up last one) :P

Latias- (Leftovers) (Impish) (Levitate)

Moves- Reflect/ Roost/ Ice beam/ Thunder wave

Evs: 252 HP/ 4 Def/ 252 Spe

Roles- Support/ Paralysis spreader/ semi-lead

Gyarados- (Leftovers) (Impish) (Intimidate)

Moves- Rest/ Sleep talk/ Waterfall/ Dragon Tail

Evs: 252 HP/ 252 Def/ 4 SpD

Roles- Status absorber/ Physical wall/ Phaser

Machamp- (Lum berry) (Adament) (No guard)

Moves- Dynamic punch/ Bullet punch/ Bulk-up/ Ice punch

Evs: 240 HP/ 248 Atk/ 16 SpD/ 4 Spe

Roles- Lead/ wall breaker/ Status absorber (kinda)

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if you have one you should give your ferrothorn the rocky helmet instead of the leftovers
and change his moves a little, give it the moves curse and gyro ball
gyro ball does physical damage and the slower your pokemon the more damage it does
and since curse drops speed and raises attack you will be dropping your foes like flies

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