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Metagross /life orb /jolly /EV : 4 HP. 252 atk. 252 spe. /clear body /
-meteor mash
-zen headbutt
this guy is my lead. I chose him becuz of his attack power and physical bulk. That and being psychic makes him resistant to many fighting leads.zen headbutt is a powerful STAB and can flinch. Eathquake fights off common steel types like heatran and jirachi along with fire types. Meteor mash is a stab. this set has problems with things like slowbro,politoed (drizzle),heatran, donphan,latios/latias and some weather teams so this next pokemon helps him.


Starmie /choice scarf /timid /EV : 252 SpA. 4 SpD. 252 Spe/Natural cure /
-ice beam
This set allows me 2 hit politoed and slowbro hard w/ thunderbolt. Surf can destroy counters like donphan and heatran.ice beam allows me to take out latios and latios siblings and its own counters like venusaur.trick allows me to get rid of choice scarf when I no longer need it. Choice scarf allows me to get the edge speed wise on other pokemon faster than it in there tier.

                                                           Core #1

Volcarona /leftovers/bold /EV :240 HP. 216 Def. 20 Spe. /flame body /
-quiver dance
-fiery dance
-bug buzz
This is my bulky quiver dance set. It allows it to be a sweeper and a wall too,in sense.Quiver dance lets me set up increases my STAB power and increase my special defenses and my speed. Fiery dance and bug buzz are some powerful stabs.roost allows me to heal and doesn't jepoardize any typing.This guy has a huge weakness to that stealth rock so.....

                                                    Core #2

tentacruel /black sludge /bold /EV : 252 HP. 216 Def. 52 Spe. /clear body /
-toxic spikes
-rapid spin
-ice beam
Tentacruel can get rid of those problem stealth rocks for Volcarona plus can set up poison spikes. Scald's ability to burn helps make up for lame defense. Icebeam is up for coverage. Earthquake users and poison immune pokemon (like steel types) problem so......


breloom /toxic orb /careful /EV: 4 HP. 252 SpA. 252 Spe. /toxic heal /
-bulk up
-seed bomb
-drain punch
This guy can hit steel types with drain punch after setting up bulk up. It can be troublesome for walls because it's ammune to poison and even gets healed for it. Spore's random effect can be annoying for enemies and seed bomb is a hit - hard STAB to destroy.


Gliscor /toxic orb /Impish / EV: 252 HP. 184 Def. 72 Spe. /toxic orb /
-ice fang
-Stone edge
This guy is meant to cover three weaknesses in my team: flying, electric, and grass. Ice fang can deal w/ grass and flying. Earthquake destroys electric types. Stone edge fights off zapdos and thunderous who would otherwise dodge earthquake. Swordance lets me set up for sweeps. Toxic orb +toxic heal combo is on my gliscor as well.

Thanks for those who help! :)

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Adamant> Jolly on Metagross. Make his EV spread 252 HP, 252 atk, and 4 Spe/any defense.

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Metagross- i would suggest that you give him meteor mash and explosion since it is a steel type and that being said you could also get a same type attack bonus, and if you get low on health and that dramatic music starts to play you could use explosion so you can at least get some or a lot of damage on the foe's pokemon before you go down. As for the others i guess their pretty decent but I would of had my Starmie learn cosmic power but that would mean you would have to wait till level 60 to do so but still it is a very good Starmie.

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