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Hi. I recently got on Showdown and...well...I stink. XP But I made this mono-psychic team a little after Mike destroyed me with a Psychic team. I'm pretty proud of this team, its wins are about equal with its losses. And that's the best I've done so far.
The only real threat this team has met so far(besides the obvious Dark and Ghost threat) has been Hydreigon with Flamethrower and Dark Pulse.
I'm free for suggestions, but I'd like whoever rates this team to remember that I'm not exactly newbie, but neither am I good at competitive battling. In other words, I'd appreciate it if you aren't rude. ;)
Anyway..onward with the team!

Note: I just owned Artist KS's Mono-Grass team. The battle proved 2 things: 1, that my Jirachi's moveset rocks, and 2, that Latios can easily function without SpeA boosts. I'm not trying to brag, just saying that this team should not be underestimated.

@ Bug Gem
252 Attack, 48 SpeD, 52 Def, 48 HP, 108 Speed
Ability: Serene Grace
Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Iron Head

As you can see, I spread out this guy's EVs a ridiculous amount, but the spread has actually served me well. As for the rest of the moveset..Iron Head flinch chance+Serene Grace is just plain haxy, while Ice Punch provides excellent coverage against Dragons. Fire Punch has served me well, while U-Turn+Bug Gem helps out when the going gets rough. I usually save Jirachi as a last resort.

@ Lum Berry
8 Spe, 252 Attck, 248 SpeA
Ability: Levitate
Grass Knot

I used to have a much less offensive EV spread on Latias, but it just wasn't dishing out KOs like I needed it to. Psychic is obvious. Lum Berry on Latias may seem stupid at first, but don't knock it. It heals Latias of Outrage confusion, and for some reason people keep trying to Paralyze poor Latias.
Grass Knot is a fall-back plan, and Facade is my BF when Lum Berry is used up too early.

@ Aguav Berry
4 SpeA, 8 HP, 248 Def, 248 SpeD
Ability: Natural Cure
Baton Pass
Nasty Plot
Calm Mind
Giga Drain

Was there ever a more obvious Baton Passer? I don't think this set even needs explaining. Giga Drain and Aguav Berry heal Celebi, and I Baton Pass the other move's boosts. I usually Baton Pass them to Latios, my main attacker. (see below)

@ Leppa Berry
252 SpeA, 252 Def, 4 SpeD
Ability: Levitate
Charge Beam
Dragon Pulse

I need a replacment for Leppa Berry.
This guy is the one Celebi usually Baton Passes to. Charge Beam ups the SpeA even more, making for a great Special Sweeper. As you can see, he has all Special moves, bar Psyshock, which hits with Def instead in case Latios finds itself against a Special Defensive opponent.
I love this guy.

@ Iron Plate
104 HP, 148 Def, 252 Attck
Ability: Clear Body
Meteor Mash
Bullet Punch
Body Slam

Iron Plate should maybe be exchanged for Steel Gem?
This one is my Tank.

@ Leftovers
252 Def, 252 SpeD, 4 HP
Ability: Pressure
Magic Coat

My Staller.

Thank you in advance for rating my team!

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I'm not good at this, but I'll try doing this.


You got it all wrong. You need something that can really help.You need this guy as a defencive destroyer. Try this for a change.

@Life Orb
Ability:Serene Grace
Bold Nature
252 Defence 252 attack sp. defence
Iron Head
Iron Defence
Stealth Rock
Drain Punch

This is your tank. It's a kind of pokemon hat kills your enemy slowly. Iorn Head has a 60% chance of flinch, and gives STAB.Iron Defence boosts when they're switching out, plus makes this guy unstoppable whith 252 defence EVs and 100 base jirachi stats. Stealth Rock is put out early so it hits more pokemon.Drain Punch is coverage and heals the damage done by it's life orb.

Latias is good, but I need to change it's EV spread and 2 of it's moves.

EVs:252 Attack 200 sp. attack 56 Sp. Defense
Thunder Wave

The EVs are mainly just for the moves soo yeah. Thunder Wave is for returning the favor to those who really want to palalyize your Latias. Plus while the pokemon's paralized you can switch to Jirachi and set up your iron defences to make you unstopable.Safeguard can help your team avoid those thunder waves and other obnoxious things like swagger or hypnosis(even though it has low accuracy).

Celebi has to be given das boot for the sake of sp. attack.

@ghost gem
Modest Abiliy
252 sp. attack 200 speed 56 sp.defence
Focus Blast
Shadow Ball

I'll explain him the quick way. The recovey doesn't need much explaining, it just recovers,really. Focus Blast is coverage and dealing of darks.Toxic is to slowly kill them when you encounter a dragon and you have nohing else to do. Shadow Ball is coverage of other types plus ghost,and this is given a 45 boost due to the ghost gem.

Honestly, you dont need 2 latis. Kickin this guy out for the star-man!

@Light Clay
Ability:Natural Care
EVs: 252 Sp. Defence 252 Attack 4 Sp. Attack
Lazy Nature
Ice Beam
Light Screen

Syrf is STAB and this guy's replacing Latios who had surf so I put it on this guy. thunderbolt takes over for charge beam on latios. Plus Jirachi never got the chance to have thunderpunch so Starmie's covering for it too. Light Screen is to cover pysical moves, and light clay makes it last eight turns. This makes it sort of a good mixed wall.

Metagross is great. But I have to change a few things in it's set.

@Fighting Gem
EVs:252 Attack 128 Defence 128 Sp. defense
Hammer Arm
Iron Defence
Ice Punch

This is your wall dude. I had to competly change his set and Evs to make him a baws. Hammer Arm you need for coverage and Hammer Arm is a good powerhouse move for metagross.Plus with a fighting gem it's a move with 150 power, no recoil or recharge,100 accuracy, and 10 PP, this is the real deal. Iron Defence is good whith Latias' thunder wave and he's a baws with defense as you can see. This can only make him a complete baws whith max defense. Ice Punch can go a long way, and I wanted to add a punch move to this team, because I took one away from Jirachi.Toxic is to slowly kill your opponent and while he's poisoned you can use your iron defenses.

Just one minor suggestion. Switch Avalanche for fire punch. You're going to want a fire type move somewhere on this team.

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You do realize that 2 Spe EVs won't do anything at all?
On what?
Metagross. EVs must always be divisible by 4 to work properly. btw 127 doesn't work great either, it is only effective until 124 (127 is not divisible by 4). So three EVs are wasted. Just use a standard 252 Atk, 128 Def, 128 SDef.
Ok Fizz
Hey poke/, to end a disscussion whith JCM and I, please answer this: Did you give me BA because it was good, or it was the only answer?
Come on.... Fighting Gem on TWO POKEMON. Iron Defense on Jirachi and Metagross, trying to Stall with Metagross.... If somebody else would answer, she would give it BA.
Both reasons. I didn't like some of UF's suggestions, but others I did like. I gave it BA both because I am not patient enough to wait for another answer, and because I am going to use some of these strategies.