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I'm gonna get this started if you don't mind.

@Focus Sash
Ability:Sheer Force
EVs:252 Attack 127 Defense 129 Special Defense 1 Sp. Attck 2 Speed
Adamant Nature
Focus Punch
Rock Slide

This'll be your sweeper. Covering a total of 11 diffrent types, and 2 of those types being it's weakness, but still covered by payback and rock slide, this is your main man for the whole attack on this team.Substitute is for focus punch so while your opponent is switching out you can use substitue and then use focus punch that turn, a two move combo that packs a punch.Payback can cover the big pink psychic weakness, though if he couldv'e learned another dark type move I wouldv'e givin it to him because I doubt on of your pokemon would be fainted this early in the battle. Rock Slide is to cover a blue flying weakness and I prefer it over stone edge due to it's PP usage.

@Life Orb
Iron Fist Ability
Evs:252 Attack 252 Defense 4 Sp. Defense
Adamant Nature
Fire Punch
Drain Punch
Iron Tail

This is also a great attacker for your team.This team will probably mostly be about offense.Iron Fist will be a powerful boost to the 3 punch moves Infernape has on this set. ThunderPunch is boosted whith Iron Fist,and covers two weaknesses of the common Infernape(water and flying).Fire Punch is STAB and is boosted once again whith the great Iron Fist ability(just loving this ability). Drain Punch is STAB, you know the drill thats supposted to be here about Iron Fist, and drain punch heals which is good because of the life orb. Iron Tail is coverage.

@Lum Berry
Inner Focus Ability
EVs:252 Defense 127 Sp. Attack 127 Attack
Relaxed Nature
Aura Sphere
Ice Punch
Iron Defense

Everyone knows the extremespeed Lucario is baws. So obviously for when you need to atack first I choose extremespeed, to make him a extremekiller. Aura Sphere I don't have to explain, at all. Ice Punch should be on Infernape for it's Iron Fist ability but he can't learn it because he's a fire type. So this guy's taking over for him. Plus it still covers dragons because most people put dragon pulse on this guy.Iron Defense is just iron defense. Making your pokemon survive harder and harder hits.

@Lum Berry
Justified Ability
EVs: 252 Defense 127 Attack 127 Sp. Defense
Impish Nature
Close Combat

Will do explamation later.

@Hard Stone
Justified Ability
EVs:252 Defense 252 Attack 4 Speed
Impish Nature
Swords Dance
Sacred Sword
Calm mind

Will explain later.

@Rose Insense
Effect Spore Ability
EVs:252 Attack 252 Sp. Defense 4 Speed
Careful Nature
Giga Drain
Sludge Bomb

Will provide example later.

This is it. Please rate it!

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Drop Metal coat on lucario its useless
Oh, yeah. Thanks.

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Here we go :]


Ditch Focus Sash. It won't help you set up Subs, and Conkeldurr will survive some hits as lead Pokemon. Go with Leftovers. 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Or use guts Conkelldurr. It's much stronger than regular Sheer Force Conkeldurr. Use Flame Orb with Guts.
-Drain Punch
-Facade/ Ice Punch
-Mach Punch


Bulk Up
Drain Punch
Mach Punch

Um EV's are a little messed up. Use 128 HP / 252 Atk / 128 SpD


Nice :) I would probably use Scarf or Band nut that's just me. Oryou can use Swords Dance > Iron Tail. 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Or go with this completely different set:

Infernape @ Life Orb
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Trait: Blaze
- Nasty Plot
- Overheat/ Fire Blast
- Grass Knot
- Focus Blast

This was you'll have a Special Attacker on your team.


Extremespeed Lucario is baws..... with Swords Dance. Replace Aura Sphere. Physical all the way :3 Lum Berry is ok but Life Orb is better. Mach Punch or CC is needed or put both if you want.

Jolly or Adamant


Let's make Keldeo a boss Special Sweeper. Calm Mind is essential but Nasty Plot will work. I recommend CM. Surf is ok. Hydro Pump is ok, too if you want to replace Surf. Secret Sword is an option, too as it's a powerful STAB. Replace Rest. Then use a Hidden Power Ghost or something for coverage.

Timid or Modest


Just saying, Scarf Terrakion is a baws. You might wanna consider that. Why Calm Mnd? Unless you want to be defensive? But if you encounter a ghost then bam you're dead. Reflect is useless, IMO. Try using this set:

-Close Combat
-Stone Edge
-Rock Slide
-X Scissor

4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe



Don't have Rose Insense. Use Leftovers Life Orb or Toxic Orb on Toxic Heal. Don't use Special Moves, Breloom's Atk stat is huge. Drain Punch or Focus Punch all the way. Spore > Toxic, IMO. Seed Bomb can replace Giga Drain. 236 HP / 212 SpD / 60 Spe

These suggestions might not be the best, don't listen to them if you don't want to. But at least try them out to see if they are good or not.

Good luck with your team.

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I think i'm going to keep Infernape's set. Bu I like the rest, BTW I would like Terrakion to be defensive so can I get a defensive set on him?
Bulk Up and Calm Mind are both gonna be helpful on that part. As long as you have those because max def and spD boosts. Also Reflect and LS will help if you to put them on. Otherwise just try to make it as bulky as possible. (with EVs, moves, items, etc.)
Ok sounds good.