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Torterra @ choice scarf
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: careful
EV: 22O speed,44 sp.def,92,def,144 atk and 10 hp
Moveset: crunch,earthquake,rock slide, wood hammer

Chandelure @ focus sash
Ability: Falsh fire
Nature: timid
EV: 252 speed, 252 sp.atk
Moveset: heat wave, shadow ball , psychic, energy ball

Milotic @ leafovers
Ability: Marvel scale
Nature: lax
EV: 184 sp.def, 194 def, 132 hp
Moveset: hypnosis, surf, ice beam, recover

Electivire @ Wide lens
Ability: Motor drive
Nature: Jolly
EV: 252 speed, 252 atk
Moveset: thunder punch, ice punch, cross chop , rocl slide

Gallade @ Focus sash
Ability: Steadfast
Nature: jolly
EV: 252 speed, 252 atk
Moveset: fire punch, drain punch, night slash, psycho cut

Scolipede @ Focus sash
Ability: poison point
Nature: jolly
EV: 252 speed, 252 atk
Moveset: Toxic spikes, megahorn, dig and poison jab

I love my torterra ,milotic , electivire and gallade especially the last two witch are very useful , but the problem is with the sixth spot in my team. I don't know witch pokemon to have!!? (It's Scolipede for now)

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i am liking the team. but with Chandelure's moveset, why would it need to know Psychic when that moves doesnt benefit the pokemon?
psychic is there for more coverage and with chandelure's MASSIVE Sp.Atk it can do some serious damage :)
this team is weak to Flying-types.
So how can i improve it????
Should I replace Scolipede?? Please tell me what to do???
try change scolipede for archeops...
But Archeops has a really bad ability :(
Should I get Aerodactyl instead ??? If yes  could you please suggest a moveset , item, EVs.......Please :)
Or maybe crobat??? I'm confused o.O!!
I need a solution to deal with flying types!!!!
lolz...... I prefer Archeops with Roost as recovering. Roost recovers half of HP so it's all Ok :) Archeops/Aerodactyl is a way for Flying-types...
just say: 1 to 4 pokemons that u will never change...
I guess ... Chandelure
hmm only 1?
ok so..... chandelure , milotic and electivire. i'm thinking of getting a staraptor maybe
This is UU I think
You don't say, Doc?
all very good gob! good work!
nice. If only milotic could learn e-quake. Then we'd all be in paradise
Milotic can learn bulldoze tho o.O and it doesn't really help it out mych anyway, that Atk isn't the best.

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