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I need help with my pokemon team

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I just buy pokemon black, and i'm not used to this new pokemon thing (las time i played pokemon was on a gameboy... that was a long time ago) i have noticed the huge changes and new mechanics of the game, and so i got interested and this is my first attempt on building a team, i'm 1 pokemon short, and don't know what pokemon to set as mi 6th...

Any way, please rate and tell me what changes should i do... thx!

Carracosta: @ Rocky helmet
Ability: Solid rock
Nature: Relaxed (+def, -Spd)
Physical Wall

Stone edge

Haxorus: @Leftovers
Ability: Mold breaker
Nature: Jolly (+Spd, -Sp.atk)
Physical sweeper

Sword dance
Brick break
Outrage/Dragon claw

Volcarona: @Focus Sash
Ability: Flame body
Nature: gentle (+Sp.def, -def)
Special Sweeper and a bit of Special wall

Solar beam
Quiver dance
Bug buzz

Excadril: @Scope Lens
Ability: Sand rush
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -Sp.atk)
Physical sweeper

Sword dance
Rock slide

Cofagrigus: Twisted Spoon
Ability: Mummy
Nature: Modest (+Sp.atk, -Atk)
Mainly Physical wall

Calm mind
Trick room
Shadow ball

And the 6th is what i would like to get help with.

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Since you are fairly new, this is how you write a pokemon's info

Lucario@Life Orb
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Modest(+SpAtt/-Att)
EVs: 252 SpAtt/ 252 Spd/ 4 HP
-Dragon Pulse
-Dark Pulse
-Aura Sphere

This is a Special Sweeper Lucario.

I would suggest you to writte evs =0 in all of the pokemon or else this  will probably be hidden.
And if you don't know anything about evs then here are some links for it

1) http://www.serebii.net/games/evs.shtml

2) http://pokemondb.net/ev

3) http://pokemon.marriland.com/black_white/how_to_ev_train

Now here are some spots for ev training

1) http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=101974

2) http://asia.gamespot.com/pokemon-black-version/forum/ev-training-hotspots-58495897/

3) http://www.mariokartwii.com/f37/ev-training-hotspots-pokemon-black-white-work-75441.html

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