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Torterra @ Focus sash
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: careful
EV: 252 Atk,96 sp.def,96 def,64 speed
Moveset: rock polish,earthquake,rock slide, wood hammer

Infernape @ focus sash
Ability: Iron fist
Nature: jolly
EV: 252 speed, 252 Atk
Moveset: Fire punch, thunder punch,mach punch,earthquake

Jolteon @ Wide lens
Ability: Volt absorb
Nature: Timid
EV: 252 speed, 252 Sp.atk
Moveset: Thunder,Volt switch,Signal beam,Hidden power(ice)

Froslass @ Focus sash
Ability: cursed body
Nature: Timid
EV: 252 speed, 48 hp, 72 def, 88 Sp.Atk, 48 Sp.def
Moveset: Psychic, Shadow ball, Ice beam, Destiny bond

Staraptor (MY fav) @ Choice scarf
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Jolly
EV: 252 speed, 252 Atk
Moveset: Brave bird,Close combat, Return,U-turn

P.S: I hate gyarados and feraligator and i've tried milotic , jellicent, vaporeon and floatzel.
The one that worked the best with this team was floatzel but it's too frail :(

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How 'bout Empoleon? imean, well you have an infernape and Torterra, so why not Empoleon?
because then my team will be totally weak to ground types.With infernape, jolteon and empoleon weak to it :(

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Why do you not like Feraligatr? I use it on a similar team as you and its great. Well, preferences I guess. Anyway,your team seams a straight punch mouth style.Hard,fast hitters who like their work. Sweepers and tanks all round.So if you want to carry this on I suggest Kingdra. as well as being Dragon-water type with one weakness it portrays itself as some sort of sweeping tank.It has great offensive AND defensive skills. Some Ev's into speed and its quick too! Although due to lack of variety and overall power its suggested that you go SpAtk not physical. This is my special offence moveset although feel free to do what you like.

Hell raiser Kingdra
Item: Wise glasses Ability:Sniper
Ev's: 100 Def 100 SpDef 150 Spe the rest on Atk
Nature: Modest(+SpAtk -Atk) or Timid(+Spe -Atk)
Dragon pulse (powerful STAB move)
Scald/Hydro pump(good STAB move good power liking the burn chance OR very powerful STAB move low reliability )
Agility/signal beam (Increase speed for better sweep or more coverage)
Ice beam(Great move nicely reliable hard-hitter)

If you want something a little unorthodox You could try Slowking! I know,I know, but Slowking CAN be quite good. Your enemy won't expect it and with the right moveset it lasts a long time on the battle field. Here's what I would suggest.

Item: Leftovers Ability: Oblivious
Ev's 150 Def 150 SpDef the rest in SpAtk
Nature: Quite (+SpAtk -Spe)
Trick room(hence the name)
psychic(main STAB move)
Disable/calm mind/Shadow ball(stop combos and powerful attacks,set up or ghost coverage)
Focus blast(dark coverage)

This allows Slowking to take advantage in battle.It is pretty odd though.....anyway I hoped I helped in anyway and thanks for your time.

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This answer does not deserve that Downvote. PX I will Upvote you.
This is pretty good.
thank u so much :) .But i'm starting a new team now , thnx anyway :D
You forgot to mention, Felaligatr's Ice Beam provides Ground coverage.