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This deck deals heavy amounts of damage to key Pokemon on the opponent's bench. The goal of this is to weaken my opponent enough for Lugia EX. What I do is collect Catchers and Plasma Energy in my hand and have a ready Lugia on my bench. When the time is right, I send out Lugia, then use the Catchers and Plasma Energy to destroy the foe. Within 1-3 turns, my opponent will have lost. The deck has plenty of deck searching to get the cards I need.

Pokemon: 21

x3 Magnemite: http://serebii.net/card/plasmastorm/042.shtml
-Needed for evolution.
x2 Magneton: http://serebii.net/card/plasmastorm/044.shtml
-Needed for evolution (this is the nice way of saying it sucks and I just want to evolve it).
x2 Magnezone: http://serebii.net/card/plasmastorm/046.shtml
-This card was made for this deck. First off it lets me play two supporters per turn. This means that my drawing/searching is increased. Which works brilliantly with the theme of the deck. Then we have Gyro Ball. This attack fills two roles at different points in the game. First, damaging the bench. Yes, I know what you're thinking. "But, wait, this card doesn't attack the bench. It attacks the Defending Pokemon. You so stupid trachy." First, it's you "are" so stupid. Second, Gyro Ball makes the Defending Pokemon go onto the bench. As such, it is psuedo bench damaging. The secondary role is to get out Lugia when I am ready for it.
x3 Ferroseed: http://serebii.net/card/emergingpowers/070.shtml
-I'll risk doing less than 20 damage for doing more than 20 damage.
x2 Ferrothorn: http://serebii.net/card/emergingpowers/072.shtml
-Even though 90 HP is a bit on the low side, seeing as Gyro Ball will always keep in on the move, that isn't as much a problem. It's Gyro Ball is the same as with Magnezone's Gyro Ball, just with less damage, which is fine because Ferrothorn is a Stage 1 instead of a Stage 2. Steel Feelers is also really good, doing 30, 60 or 90 (also 0, but that is very unlikely) damage for one energy.
x2 Bronzor: http://serebii.net/card/nextdestinies/075.shtml
-Needed for evolution.
x2 Bronzong: http://serebii.net/card/nextdestinies/076.shtml
-If my opponent just heals their Pokemon, it makes all my work for naught. As such, Heal Block is there to stop the foe from healing. Since my trainers are only heavy searching, I'm not harmed by this.
x3 Zapdos: http://serebii.net/card/nextdestinies/041.shtml
-50 damage to any Pokemon for three energy. Hard enough bench hitting to fit with the theme of the deck. Or it can do up to 200 damage for four energy. 120 HP and Fighting resistance also helps.
x2 Lugia EX: http://serebii.net/card/plasmastorm/108.shtml
-The core card of the deck. It gets two prizes for each KO. Meaning with the right set-up, I can easily sweep the foe.

Trainers: 22

x4 Colress Machine: http://serebii.net/card/plasmastorm/119.shtml
-Gets me Plasma Energy. This also has the added bonus of thinning out my deck, making it easier to draw other cards.
x4 Skyla: http://serebii.net/card/boundariescrossed/134.shtml
-Gets me Trainers, which are kind of the cards I most want.
x4 Pokemon Catcher: http://serebii.net/card/emergingpowers/095.shtml
-Get these saved up in my hand, then force out the cards I want in order for Lugia to devestate the foe and win.
x4 Iris: http://serebii.net/card/megalocannon/071.shtml
-More power to my Pokemon, allowing me to get needed KOs.
x3 Ghetsis: http://serebii.net/card/plasmafreeze/101.shtml
-Drawing and Lass.
x2 Cilan: http://serebii.net/card/nextdestinies/086.shtml
-Gets me Energy.
x1 Computer Search: http://serebii.net/card/boundariescrossed/137.shtml
-Gets me any card I want.

Energy: 17

x7 Electric Energy
x6 Steel Energy
x4 Plasma Energy: http://serebii.net/card/plasmafreeze/106.shtml

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