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I keep coming up with new ideas for this team... ;_; help.

Here is my lazy ass sweeper/ physical tank.
Slaking @ Lum berry. ( M )
Impish nature. ( + Def -Sp.Attk )
-Chip Away.
-Hammer arm.

He is there for baiting switch-ins and to sweep and wall most of the enemies team. My only fear for him is Metagross. I've discovered most people tried to burn him or paralyze him, so I gave him a Lum Berry instead of Leftovers. Pursuit is there for those that switch, because you know, this fatass is reaaally intimidating.... ಠ_ಠ

Here is my loud mouthed special attacker.
Exploud @ Metronome. ( F )
Modest nature. ( +Sp.Attk -Attk )
-Shadow Ball.
-Echoed voice.
-Focus Blast.

She is here to take care of the annoying Ghost types and Fighting types with low Sp.Def. My fear with her is Scrafty, but I gave her Focus Blast to take care of it with. I can't guarantee a hit, but at least it's there.

Here is my Scout.
Persian @ Life Orb. ( F )
Adamant nature. ( +Attk -Sp.Attk )
-Fake Out.
-Aerial Ace.
-Faint Attack.

Gengar is Persians' enemy. I gave her Faint Attack to deal some damage, however, Fighting types may be able to stand on the field after an Aerial Ace. Persian is fast but could never be a sweeper due to her abysmal stats, par speed. I don't count on her to do anything but annoy and scout.

Here is my lethal mongoose.
Zangoose @ Toxic Orb ( M )
Jolly nature. ( +Spd -Sp.attk )
-Close Combat.
-Night Slash.

I've heard that this set is good, so I'm gonna try it out. I worry on how fast this thing really is, but I think It'll be fine... Okay so, Protect for the Toxic orb to activate, facade to sweep. The rest is for just for those that resist my attacks, and those that are immune. Not much to say about this one. I figured since this thing is so widely feared in NU, I would use it rather than Ursaring.

Here is my speedy ferret.
Linoone @ Sitrus Berry. ( M )
Jolly Nature. ( +Spd -Sp.attk )
-Shadow claw.
-Belly drum.

This was the Pokemon that made me want to do Mono type teams, think of how beastly this son of a gun is. He is pretty much Extremekiller-Arceus wrapped up into a never used ferret. If you give him time to set up, he will show his true potential. He helped me a lot in-game, Unfortunatly, if you forgot to get the Pokebox event awhile back, you missed out. Big time, as Linoone, an extremely fast Pokemon, can not learn Quick attack, nor Extremespeed naturally... Wtf GameFreak? ಠ_ಠ

Here is my Electric Soldier, Porygon.
Porygon @ Eviolite.
Quiet nature. ( +Sp.Attk -Spd )
-Ice beam.
-Magnet rise.

Porygon is primarily a Special Tank on my team, and has high Special Attack to help it fend for itself. This was a recommended set that I decided to use. It's risky, but it works. If you can't already tell, this Porygon is an electric type in disguise. Pretty simple really, use conversion, turn into an electric type, use magnet rise, you are invincible for five or so turns.



(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ I'm done with this.

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He's a better Special Wall then Kecleon, I can tell you that.
All right, I'll use him for awhile to see how it goes. Thanks! Also, any recommendations for the moveset?
Seriously, Jolly>Adamant on Linoone. Same with Persian
Linoone can stay Adamant.
Persian doesn't pack quite the punch as a jolly nature. She needs her attack stat. I actually think Linoone needs more speed, since he eventually maxes out his attack stat anyway.

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