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BTW there is no way I'm changing the base of arceus, so if you change it in your answer, you can just forget about that BA.

Steel Trophy (Arceus-Steel)
@Iron Plate
Multitype ability
EVs:170 Hp, 169 Defense, 169 Special Defense
Calm Nature
Cosmic Power
Calm Mind

Flying Tiger (Landorus-T)
@Ice Gem
Intimidate Ability
EVs: 252 Attack, 250 Speed, 6 Special Attack
Mild Nature
Hammer Arm
Hidden Power Ice
Stone Edge

Dat Dolphin (Palkia)
@Lum Berry
Pressure Ability
EVs: 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Timid Nature
Spacial Rend
Aura Sphere
Fire Blast
Earth Power

Speedy Alien (Deoxys-Speed)
@Light Clay
Pressure Ability
EVs:8 Speed, 250 Attack, 250 Special Attack
Mild Nature
Psycho Boost
Light Screen

Always Awake (Manaphy)
@Water Gem
Hydretion Ability
EVs:252 Speed, 252 Special Attack, 4 Special Defense
Timid Nature
Tail Grow
Ice Beam
Energy Ball

Nightmare (Darkrai)
@Lum Berry
Bad Dreams Ability
EVs: 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP.
Modest Nature
Dark Void
Dark Pulse
Focus Blast

BTW name changes would be great, these arnt so good...

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Tailglow hyrdration rest manaphy is annoying af if it get sthe chance to set it up. No water gem on manaphy
Iron Defense > Cosmic Power on Arceus...
Calm mind is already rasing your Special Defense..
Your Arceus-Steel set isn't the best...
IDK what you think. Ive seen it work on 3 ocasions, and im not changing the base of the Arceus, end of story.
250 Atk / 250 SpAtk EVs in Deoxys-S?
Yep. 2 Specials, 2 Pysicals, and those 8 Speed EVs give a total of 398 Speed.
MF,i know that u like your arceus very much,so i didnt put any improvements in it.Biu i will put the suggestion here.Just replace calm mind with will-o-wisp.You aleady have cosmic power and your arceus is already super defensed.Will-o-wisp burns the target and halves their attack.So you can survive for many hits.That all i am suggesting.

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Well,i dont know what to say,but seriously your team needs a lot of improvement.

enter image description here

Good.So,I am not gonna talk about it since you like it.

enter image description here
What? Ice gem? No,landorus has a monstrous attack and dont go for a SpA.Replace HP-ice for Outrage and replace ice gem for Life orb.Then it will be a monstrous attacker.

enter image description here
Yeah,your palkia is awesome! Only one suggestion,just replace that Lum berry for Choice scarf for more power.

enter image description here
Your moveset really needs a lot of imrovement,Try this set:

[email protected] berry
EV's:4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Stealth rock
Ice beam

One look at its ridiculous Speed and reasonable bulk should sufficiently explain why Deoxys-S is such a hot commodity for its ability to lay down entry hazards both quickly and reliably. On top of this, Deoxys-S has many moves at its disposal to check opposing leads, such as stealth rock to screw the likes of Volcarona,spikes to damage the for,Psychic as stab and ice beam to screw those Dragons.

enter image description here
Manaphy definitely needs some rain support MF.It needs a lot of improvement.Try this:

[email protected]
EV's:252 Hp/252 Spe/4 SpA

Rain dance
Calm mind

While Manaphy's other setup move, Tail Glow, seems more appealing with its massive +3 Special Attack boost, Calm Mind is actually Manaphy's most reliable form of stat boosting. A common way of defeating the Tail Glow set involves equipping Kyogre, Palkia, or Dialga with a Choice Scarf and taking it down with Thunder. However, with a Calm Mind boost, the aforementioned Pokemon will not be doing enough damage to stop Manaphy from setting up another Calm Mind, using Rest to recover the damage, and then waking up immediately if rain is active. Manaphy can then alternate between Calm Mind and Rest to slowly set up until it is ready to sweep. The beauty of this set is Manaphy's ability to singlehandedly destroy stall teams without crumbling immediately to offensively based teams. While the Tail Glow set is scary due to its ability to hit extremely hard and quickly, the Calm Mind set instills a whole new type of fear, a fear that is slowly sewn into your opponent's mind as they helplessly watch the prince of the seas take apart their team. Calm Mind and Rest are obviously the crux of the set, allowing Manaphy to set up on what would have been 2HKOs. Scald is the preferred STAB in this case, as a potential burn can cripple the physical attackers attempting to bypass Manaphy's Special Defense boosts.

Credit to smogan for this one.

enter image description here
Have focus sash for darkrai,It can be taken out easily by the likes of mewtwo using aura sphere.Replace thunder with ice beam for more coverage.

Thats it!

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Next time you take something from smogon, make sure it isn't outdated.
"The lack of a legal method to obtain Custap Berry in this generation also prevents Pokemon with Sturdy from stealing this niche."
Custap Berry is released now.
okay,i will edit it.
Scarf boost power as well as speed thats amazing :D