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Ability: Sand Force
Evs: 255 Atk; 128 Spd; 117 SpAtk
Item:Razor Claw
Slash(Critical hit power)
Drill Run(Critical hit power+Stab)
Brick Break(Coverage)
Aerial Ace(Coverage)

Ability: Sap Sipper
Evs: 165 Atk; 167 Def; 168 SpDef
Nature:Hardy(+Atk, -Atk)
Item:Silk Scarf
Head Charge(Of course, not a bouffalant without)
Aerial Ace(Coverage)
Wild Charge(For the lols)
Giga Impact(Power)

Ability: Sap Sipper
Evs: 255 Spd; 122 Atk; 123 SpAtk
Item:Black Belt
Energy Ball(Stab)
Double-Edge(Power with recoil)
Wild Charge(Coverage)
Jump Kick(Coverage)

I have to use these moves because of a tournament. It has to be gen 5.It Cant have a power 90 or over without recoil or recharge. Only two coverage moves.Only one stab move. And no moves like toxic, thunder wave, ect. No move combos like Fling,Snatch;Trick,Fling.

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You have a huge Fighting weakness, even with Aerial Ace. There are virtually no Gen. 5 Psychic or Flying types that make good walls, so I strongly suggest that you change your lineup.
Actually, Reuniclus makes a nice Wall, heck, even Musharna xD
**Porygon 2**
-Calm Mind
-Shadow Ball
-Ice Beam/ThunderBolt
With Eviolite,this thing is the biggest wall you'll see!
If you have your own nature and EVs,go ahead and use them.You could also use the suggested ones while building a team.

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