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I am making a Mono-fire team for my White.


Nature: Timid
Ability: Flame body
Role: Special Sweeper

Fiery-dance: STAB + Boosting
Bug-buzz: STAB
Psychic: Coverage
Q-dance: Boosting


Nature: Jolly
Ability: Intimidate
Role: Suicide Sweeper    

Flare-blitz: STAB
Wild-charge: Coverage
Extreme-speed: Priority
Close-combat: Coverage


Nature: Timid
Ability: Victory Star
Role: Bulky Sweeper

Searing-shot: STAB
Energy-ball: Coverage
Psychic: STAB
Shadow-ball: Coverage that no psychic type is complete without


Nature: Timid
Ability: Levitate
Role: Para-Sweeper

Thunder-wave: Paralyze
Volt-switch: STAB + Switch
Shadow-ball: Coverage
Overheat: STAB


Nature: Jolly
Ability: Blaze
Role: D-dancer

Flare-blitz: STAB
Earthquake: Coverage
Dragon-claw: Coverage
Dragon-dance: Boosting

I need one more Physical Fire type (I was thinking DW Infernape What moveset works well on him?) and suggestions about the rest of the team. Thanks:)

Will this work for Infernape?


Nature: Jolly
Ability: Iron fist
Role: Physical Sweeper

Fire-punch: STAB
Mach-puch: Priority STAB
Thunder-punch: Coverage
Earthquake: Coverage
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Hey Sf, Can't find you in the chat, but we need to battle for the tourney I believe.
Also, it says pretty bluntly in the rules team questions have to have ALL 6 pokemon.

You appear to only have 4
Rules are rules. Once you put two more, I'll undo my down-vote.

EDIT: Vote retracted.
Last time I checked I am allowed to ask for other pokemon
Stealth Rock destroys Charizard and Volcarona, might I suggest Torkoal as a Rapid Spinner?
Dunno where you heard that, but we're supposed to give complete teams and ask for suggestions, not ask people to build the rest for us.

What about items???
Still need items speed freak. Although I won't vote down just for that. But still edit and include items.
EVs aren't required since he's got the pokemon's role.
nice may i suggest a torkaol
All I can think of would be that if Rotom-H has T-wave, Hex would be better than shadow ball.
What're the items? Nobody can give accurate advice if you don't have items.

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Charizard should learn a flying type move

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