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Okay, after looking at some top-ten worst Pokemon lists' on youtube, I saw that most of every list had Stunfisk at #1. So I devised a plan to ruin everyone's day. :) Here is what I made.

Stunfisk @ Brightpowder ( M )
Careful Nature. ( +SpDef -SpAttk )

This is an evasive stunfisk, which, evasiveness in WIFI, is a pain in the arse. As been proven with Brightpowder Garchomp, a 100% accuracy move becomes a 72% accurate move with a Sandveil+Brightpowder combo. So that means, If you are lucky enough, you may hit this thing at the beginning of the battle with a 100% accurate move. Now, after I have had time to set up, thanks to Krookodile blocking your only exit, you now have a 33% chance to hit me. After the attack boost of Swagger, I use FoulPlay to damage you by a fairly large amount. If that doesn't do enough, you will eventually either, a) Ragequit or b) Die from sandstorm recoil. If you even manage to hit me somehow, I'm bulky, so I should live that and then heal allll the way back up with a rest.... U mad?

Aaand his support-

Krookodile @ Focus Sash ( M )
Jolly Nature. ( +Spd -SpAttk )
Scary Face

This is Krookodile, that one Pokemon that you have almost no idea what set it's running because no-one uses it. No, it's not life-orb'ed Krookodile, it's my own unique set I like to call, Supporting Krookodile. Or... That dude dressed in all black in the alley way ready to beat you up Krookodile. I set up Block on the first turn, hopefully out-speeding you, then usually I get down to my focus sash the second turn, and use Sandstorm to help Stunfisk. If I lived more than two turns, I'll just spam scary face if you're trying to sweep, and taunt if you're setting up. :D

If all else fails, I have a Tyrannitar waiting in my last slot... >:)

Too bad evasion is banned in Showdown... ah well.

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inb4 taunt
Double Team and Sand Veil are banned in all tiers bar Ubers and Krooko is better off running a scarf moxie set. Also, this duo cut down by Water, Grass, and Ice types.
Forgot to explain I'm using this on WIFI... my bad. Anyway, the main idea was to get a supporting Pokemon that can trap the enemy, and then use sandstorm. If there are any other Pokemon that can do that, that would be a big help.
You can win from this team with the hail+blizzard or with Golduck's ability, also no-miss move like faint attack can hit the target, if this won't work, a certain pokemon with ability like mold breaker can still defeat this team rather easily
How do I awnser this???

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