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Ice beam ( grass coverage )
Earthquake ( STAB + Electric types )
Hydro pump/hydro cannon ( STAB )
Rain dance ( To boost hydro pump/hydro cannon. )

As you can see, Ice beam is obvious. To cover your grass weakness.
Earthquake will provide STAB + electric types. Hydro pump or
Hydro cannon is STAB. Rain dance is to simply power up Hydro pump
Or hydro cannon, And with swamperts attack its just amazing.
Along you should hold a mystic water. And with his torrent ability
That will cover a lot of things.

Thunder ( Covers water. )
Fire blast ( Covers grass, and ice. )
Rock polish ( Helps his speed since he has terrible speed. )
Stone edge ( STAB )

You see, Thunder covers your water weakness. To be honest, I can't
Tell you what to do when you come up against a water+ground type.
Fire blast covers your grass weakness, along with ice. Rock polish
will help your speed since Rhyperior's speed is so terrible.
Stone edge is a strong rock type move that will help against
flying types etc. And if you want you can give it a rock gem.
But mostly I suggest a rock incense, rocky helmet, or a stone plate.

Extrasensory ( To cover your fighting type weakness. )
Flamethrower ( To cover your bug weakness. )
Dark pulse ( STAB )
Nasty Plot ( To boost the power of your dark pulse. )

The extrasensory is simple, it covers your fighting type weakness.
Flamethrower is simple too, it will cover your bug type weakness.
although, most people don't use bug types. Well the people I know don't.
Dark pulse is for STAB, For those who don't know what stab is
it's ame type attack bonus. It boosts the power if your the same type.
Nasty plot will boost your special attack, and dark pulse is used
with special attack, not normal attack. If you want to go even further
into boosting his attack, you can give him the item blackglasses,
Dark gem, or a dread plate. I mostly like to use a dread plate or
blackglasees, seeing that gems only have a 'one time use'

Acrobatics ( Covers your bug and fighting type weakness. )
Fire blast/Heat wave ( Covers your ice type weakness. )
Dragon Pulse/Outrage ( STAB )
Superpower/dark pulse ( Hydreigon isn't the best with rock types. )

Seeing from the moves above. Acrobatics cover your bug and fighting
type weaknessess. Fire blast/heatwave will knock out the ice type weakness.
Dragon pulse or outrage, you can pick. I'd stick with dragon pulse
so I don't get confused afterwards and not that much PP (Power points.)
Unless you hold a berry that heals confusion. Dragon pulse and outrage
cover your dragon weaknessess, as long as they go first.
( I wish you luck on that, ;-; ) superpower/Dark pulse
will help you with rock types, or steel types ( superpower will
go super effective on steel, not dark pulse. )
But dark pulse will go good with STAB.
Incase you didn't know, You can learn superpower/dark pulse and heat
wave from move tutors ( I know most people know this, but some
people don't. ) And it just has amazing attack. I also suggest you give it
a dragon gem or a draco plate.

Aerial ace ( Covers both bug and fighting type weaknessess. )
Swords dance ( To raise its attack. )
Night Slash/Dark pulse ( STAB )
Swagger ( It may raise attack, but when it hurts itself it really takes damage. )

Alright, so let me explain. Aerial ace is simple, It covers all your weaknessess.
Swords dance is to sky rocket your attack, even though absols attack
and speed is simply amazing. Night slash is stab, but with swords dance
it seems like a living nightmare. Swagger is a good move and I really
suggest it, Why? Because it raises the foes attack, it really works
if the foe has really good attack, because the greater attack,
the greater the damage its going to inflict on itself.
Items I suggest you holding to power up night slash are,
Black glasses, dread plate, or dark gem. Again. I suggest
you choose a dread plate or black glasses.

Ice beam/Blizzard ( To cover your Ground weakness. )
Thunderbolt/Thunder ( To cover your ice weakness. )
Aerial ace ( To cover fighting types. )
Iron Tail/Flash cannon ( STAB )

Let me explain here. Aggron has a huge weakness for ground types. So ice beam
Or blizzard will simply cover that, although aggrons speed isn't the greatest.
Want to cover his speed? I suggest you give him a quick claw. Thunderbolt
or Thunder will cover aggrons second weakness, water. Aerial ace is again,
simple. how? It covers aggrons greatest weakness, fighting.
Iron Tail/Flash cannon give him STAB. I suggest again that
the item that you give this aggron is quick claw. It just might
save you from losing. Aggron has a 4x weakness against fighting
And a 4x weakness against ground and a 2x weakness against water.

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Breloom (and basically all other fighting types) would absolutely destroy this team. You are also missing Natures and EVs, and your items are not listed very clearly. Even if some of your pokemon like Rhyperior or Aggron or Swampert managed to go first against a threat (and they won't be moving first, I almost gauruntee that) your coverage moves won't be near enough to knock out any threats. Aerial Ace has pitiful Base Power, and you are running too many mixed sets to be able to hit anything too hard. You seem to have the jist of team building but I suggest you apply for a tutor on the tutor thread, as this will help you with synergy, and EVs and Natures should you need it.
First off you have way to many dark types i would replace one with Venusaur right away and maybe a pidgeot or staraptor
Hope this helps :)
This is not a complete answer and should be a comment.

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