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How could this team be improved?

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I'm having issues deciding on a sixth pokemon for this team. I feel that it could also use some improvements which the community is usually very helpful with. here's what I've got so far:

Samurott: lv.55, Modest nature, Ability: Torrent
Moves: Surf, Revenge, Waterfall.

Sigilyph:lv.54, Relaxed nature, Ability: Wonder skin
Moves: Charge Beam, Air Slash, Fly, Psychic.

Whimsicott:lv.52, Lonely nature Ability: Infiltrator
Moves: Hurricane, Giga Drain, Sunny Day, Razor leaf.

Arcanine:lv.53 Mild nature, Ability:Flash Fire
Moves: Strength, ExtremeSpeed, Wild Charge, Flamethrower.

Lucario:lv.58, Jolly nature Ability: Steadfast
Moves: Aura Sphere, Swords Dance, Dark Pulse, Close Combat.

I'm wanting a Dragon type Pokemon for my team, but I'm having trouble deciding. I'm currently training a Zweilous and I have a Flygon but I think that there are better options out there that you guys could recommend. all non-legendairy dragons can be picked up so I have some flexibility with my team. any other recommendations will be considered in terms of move sets and items. I haven't tracked any EVs which is why they are not listed.

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Hydreigon is the best Unova dragon, but it's a pain to level it up that high...
Haxorus, however, is a beauty, and doesn't need to be trained nonstop.
If you can, however, get a dragon from another game, go for Salamence or Dragonite
the thing is, I don't want another flying type because I already have sigilyph. I will probably take one of those though. thanks for the suggestion
Maybe give samourott one more move.Since samourott knows Surf/water, Revenge/fighting, Waterfall/water give samourott Areal Ace/flying(tm). Areal Ace could cover the grass type pokemon. Also in the pokemon reserve you could find a shiny haxorus at lv.60.
I'm considering taking a Haxorus but I have Black 2. also, Im wanting an Ice move on Samurott
the ice type moves that samourott can learn are hail (tm), blizzard(tm), and ice beam (tm). The shiny haxorus could be obtainable in black 2. You need all unova pokemon excluding the event pokemon.

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