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In co-operation with my real-life trait of disliking being fully responsible for a loss, I prefer using the Multi Train when it comes to Battle Subway. Picking members is a problem, as there are several useful Pokemon in starting 6, let alone PC. So I could use some assistance in deciding my best 2:

Bisharp (Buc Nasty), Timid, Razor Claw, Inner Focus
Night Slash
Iron Head

Volcarona (Sea Leaf), Docile, Insect Plate, Flame Body
Heat Wave
Struggle Bug
Bug Buzz
Fly (really regretting that one)

Mienshao (Mientatsu), Impish, Black Belt, Regenerator
Hi Jump Kick
Aura Sphere
Rock Slide

Emboar (Piggy), Hardy, Flame Plate, Blaze
Fire Blast
Heat Crash
Focus Blast

and lastly, Liepard (Fat Cat), Naughty, X Sp. Def, Unburden
Sucker Punch
Night Slash

As they are automatically reset to Lv. 50, I didn't think introducing EVs would be necessary. As for roles, well, that depends on who gets picked from the list.

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You would actually be surprised how much EVs help, even at lvl 50.
If, by some miracle, my brother did EV counts on all of them before he gave the game to me, I'll put them up. But that is extremely unlikely. What's with the flags?
You lack EVs, thus you have been flagged.
Guys he's new you have to give him time to learn the rules......give him a few days to fix it.

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