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So hey guys, TBB here with mah first baton pass team. Works out well, so far 11-2. Those two wins were really annoying, I actually rage quited one xD. Please help me out because I know this can be better. Could and editor put in some sprites.

[email protected]
Evs:252 HP 252 spd 4 def
Nature: impish
-bullet punch
-swords dance
-baton pass

If the time comes where dragonite may fall... I will either rage quit or go to this guy xD. He can also pass agility for me.

[email protected]
Trait:water absorb
Evs:252 HP 128 spe 128 def
-acid armor
-aqua ring
-baton pass

Yeah, I know this is a sweep but I'm not gonna get KO by a predicter, ill be prepared. This guy is the defense booster. Once it gets that up I can set up an aqua ring and pass it on.

[email protected]
Trait:water veil
Evs:252 HP 252 spe 4 spd
Nature: Jolly
- shell smash
- baton pass
- waterfall
- substitute

You knew there was gonna be a smash passer, didn't know it was gonna be huntail. Lots of people like gorebyss over huntail but this is a physical passing team so he does better. Not much else to say.

[email protected] berry
Trait: own tempo
Evs:252 HP 252 spe 4 spd
Nature: jolly
-baton pass

Ingrain makes this guy super valuable. Completely shots down fazers like skarmory and hippowdon. Spore will cause switches allowing me to set up. Also that lum berry makes sure I don't get surprised by espeon. The MVP of baton pass.

[email protected]
Evs: 252 HP 128 def 128 spd
-ice beam
-swords dance
-baton pass

Ima use the pink cat for some special defense. If I can get Ina swords dance that's even better. Ice beam is for taunters.

[email protected]
Evs: 252 HP 252 atk 4 spe
-dragon claw
-fire punch

Dragonite will be able to out speed most of OU with a shell smash boost and his good bulk can take a hit and restore it with leftovers,ingrain,and aqua ring. This guy will wreak havok.

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Mean Look passing doesn't work anymore...
Really...I'll have to change that.
Eventually your baton pass chain will get broken. Your never going to pass all that. Where is ninjask?
I don't plan on passing all that and unfortunately ninjask doesn't work for me

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