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Staraptor LVL 80
Timid Nature
Loves to eat
Highest Stats are Attack & Speed

                      Close Combat
                      Sky Attack

Alakazam LVL 81

 Lax Nature
 Ability:Inner Focus
 Somewhat of a clown
 Highest Stats are Sp.Attack & Speed
                      Energy Ball
                      Shadow Ball

Metagross (Nicknamed Iron)LVL 80

      Brave Nature
      Quick Tempered
      Ability:Clear Body
      Highest Stats are Defense & Attack
                                Zen Headbutt
                                Meteor Mash

Gengar LVL 80

      Hasty Nature
      Good Endurance
      Highest Stats are Sp.Attack & Speed
                           Destiny Bond
                           Shadow Ball
                           Dark Pulse

Vaporeon LVL 81
Quirky Nature
Likes to thrash about
Ability:Water Absorb
Highest Stats are Sp.Attack & Sp.Defense
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump

Arcanine LVL 80
Gentle Nature
Strong Willed
Abilty:Flash Fire
Highest Stats are Attack & Sp.Attack
Fire Blast
Dragon Pulse
Sunny Day

Can you also put the terms tank,wall,etc on my Pokemon?
Thanks! 8-)

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Is this for competitive battling? If so, what tier?
what do you mean what tier?
Typically when you battle competitively, they have the pokemon broken into different groups to make sure they all see use.  For instance the Uber tier has the powerful legendaries like Rayquaza and Mewtwo. If you don't know them, then don't worry about it. I just wanted to know if this was for playing the game itself, or for wifi battles.
its mainly for everything(battle frontier,wifi battles,rebattles,etc)Can you answer my ? dt?
Yep. I'm answering it now. Is this gen IV?

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Here are my suggestions.

Staraptor-Since this is partially for ingame, I see the need for fly, but perhaps carry Brave Bird and U-Turn instead of Sky attack and Fly. There's no need for two flying moves, especially when they both have a turn stall before they work. U-Turn is good for a bit of type coverage, as well as switching out, while Brave bird hits hard with STAB, working well in conjunction with Roost.
Role-Physical Sweeper

Alakazam-alakazam is fine with this, but perhaps instead of recover, you use Focus Blast or Signal beam for type coverage. Signal beam isn't as strong, but it's a lot more reliable for dealing with Dark types. Recover is nice on him, but due to his frail defenses and low HP, most hits will usually bring him down.
Role-Special Sweeper

metagross-He's good. The only important stuff I can think of would be to put ice punch on him to deal with dragon types. You could also use a gyro ball+ Hammer arm set instead of Meteor Mash and Agility. His lowered speed would power up his STAB move, but this one is more situational. What you have is fine. Since your Metagross' best stats are attack and defense, he would work nicely as a tank as opposed to making him a sweeper.

Role-Physical tank

Gengar-This one is kind of risky. Most hits will bring him down in a single shot, so Destiny bond can work with careful prediction, but toxic feels bit out of place. Gengar can utilize some walling techniques, but in your team, I think he's better off just sweeping. He could use thunderbolt instead of Toxic to cover a few more types. If you want to try an annoyer for him, you could use a focus sash on him, so you keep one HP when you would otherwise by OHKO'd. That would let him get some kind of disrupter up, then finish the foe off with a destiny bond. (just watch out for priority moves if you try to do that.)
Role-Special Sweeper/annoyer

Vaporeon-This is fine, but he doesn't really need two water moves. Surf is a bit more reliable, so I would stick with that, and replace hydro pump with something like either Acid armor to pad up his defenses, Haze to phaze the opponent, or Aqua ring to help his walling abilities even more. You could also use protect and use that to let the effects of toxic go on even longer.
Role-Special wall

Arcanine-This set can get dangerous, but once the opponent sees Sunny day coming, they'll predict the rest of your set. You could turn him into a mixed sweeper and carry moves like Earthquake to cover more pokemon. Your team has a lot of special attackers anyway, so he could stand to use some more physical moves. He could run a mixed sweeper set to balance out your team bit.

Role-mixed/special sweeper

Hope this helped a bit.

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