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Battle frontier team emerald improvement help!

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I really want to get all gold symbols, but I need help with moves & such (especially items) please suggest items & tell me where they are (I have almost no items). I can't change the pokemon, or espeon, bellosom & milotic's EVs, but I can change everyone elses. Here it is, my so-so gen III emerald team--

Espeon -

Mild nature, EVs - HP 156, Sp attack 248, speed 104

Moves- psychic, psybeam, swift, morning sun. Ability- synchronise (remember this is gen 3 = no magic bounce espeon)

My main pokemon & a Sp sweeper

milotic -

Modest nature, EVs- HP 152, Sp attack 252, speed 104

Moves- ice beam, surf, hypnosis, recover. Ability- marvel scale

My contest pokemon, & hypnosis Sp sweeper/staller

Bellossom -

Calm nature, EVs HP 252, Sp attack 4, sp defence 152, speed 100

Moves- sleep powder, petal dance, double team, moonlight. Ability- chorophil

Staller & extra pokemon.

Flareon -

Mild nature, EVs Sp attack 252, Sp defence 152, speed 104

Moves- flamethrower, hyper beam, smog, sand attack. Ability- flash fire

Sp sweeper, lowers accuracy & then sweeps

shuckle -

Careful nature, EVs HP 108, defence 200, Sp defence 200

Moves- toxic, sandstorm, double team, rest. Ability- sturdy

Staller wall for obvious reasons.

Dragonite -

Rash nature, EVs attack 200, Sp attack 200, speed 108

Moves- outrage, fly, flamethrower, thunder. Ability- inner focus

My mixed sweeper & flyer

Please give suggestions for any of them & items. If you give items, please tell me where they are in emerald.

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Espeon needs Shadow Ball instead of swift. (Weird....every Espeon I see has a Mild nature. "Vee" From the manga does, and so does mine....) If you show the actual stats for Dragonite, I could give you recommendations. Flareon is usually a Physical attacker, so basically i'm saying same as Dragonite. Might want Sunny Day and Solarbeam for bellossom, and try Hidden POwer and hope it's fire. Here's how: Go to that route near Fortree City and battle a Kecleon once you have taught bellossom hidden power. If it's not fire-Type, shut your game off. Shuckle and Milotic are fine.

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lol hidden POwer
I've already taught shadow ball to a pokemon (metagross) so that might be a problem. I'll just find shadowball in fire red. I could trade it over using my brother's old gba. Thanks alot. I'll post stats when I finish Dragonite. The only problem with physical attacker on flareon is he has no physical fire moves. Dragonite is only for flamethrower so I damage ice. Thanks. I'll try some of those things.
Mild = boost special attack & -defence.
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Calm Mind instead of Psybeam



Try for a Special type hidden power instead of Smog
Avoid Hyper Beam unless Flareon is fighting the last enemy Pokemon
If you are going to mess around with Evasion, go with Double Team instead of Sand Attack


Stay away from Dragon type moves ESPECIALLY Outrage
Thunderbolt over Thunder
Thunderwave from those Move Tutor Ladies because Dragonite isn't super fast

Nice team and good luck!

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