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I want to know if anything is wrong with my team,moves need changing, any pokemon replacements, EVs role suggestions, but whatever happens, I want my samurott.

Trait: Torrent
EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 SpAtk/ 4 Spe
Nature: Rash

  • Surf
  • Aqua tail
  • X-scissor
  • Swords dance

Trait: Sheer Force
EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 Spe/ 4 HP
Nature: Adamant

  • Fire Punch
  • Stone edge
  • Work up
  • Hammer arm

Trait: Defeatist
EVs 252 Atk/ 252 Spe/ 4 Hp
Nature: Naughty

  • Rock slide
  • crunch
  • Dragon claw
  • acrobatics

Trait: Mold breaker
EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 Spe/4 Def
Nature: Serious

  • Dragon claw
  • Dragon dance
  • Earthquake
  • Brick break

EVs: 252 SpAtk/ 252 HP/ 4 Def
Trait: Levitate
Nature: Brave

  • Wild charge
  • Crush claw
  • Crunch
  • Coil

Trait: Sand force
EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 Spe/ 4 Hp
Nature: Jolly

  • Earthquake
  • Stone edge
  • Swords dance
  • X-scissor

I know I concentrate more on speed and attack but is that a good thing or do I need more defense?maybe I should switch excadrill with gigalith? This is a competitive team not ingame.

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This team would be considered ubers thanks to excadrill. Unless this is an in game team, which I don't think are allowed to be posted, unless they recently changed it.
it is fine the way it is as long as you balance it with more def. then speed and attack.
Need Blastoise and Charizard
like riles said, this is ubers because of excarill. so yeah, go gigalith. don't know what for the moveset. might be able to get back to you on that.
I would get rid of archeops and any dragon types because archeops becomes useless once its at 50% hp and then what and everyone is always ready for dragons also the useless sand force unless you want to hurt some others on your team i would recommend

charizard instead of archeops

also terrakion instead of excadrill

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