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Hi everyone! I'm new here! So, Infernape is my favorite Pokemon, so can you guys rate mine?

Infernape @ Focus Sash (LVL 100) (Male)
Naive Nature (+Speed, -Sp. Def)
Quick to Flee
enter image description here
-Fire Punch
-Close Combat
-Swords Dance

HP: 277
Attack: 297
Defense: 157
Sp. Atk: 217
Sp. Def: 151
Speed: 344

Also, is there something wrong with him? It won't let me use him on Random Matchup, I figured it's because he knows Fire Punch/Thunder Punch from the Platinum move tutors, but I got them from the tutor (I didn't hack for the moves). edit I found the problem. Since he doesn't work on Random Matchup, it's because he knows Fire Punch and ThunderPunch, which are Generation IV only moves (not allowed in Random Matchup).

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is this even allowed to be asked here?
Oh, I thought it was...I'm new here sorry. Do you know where I am allowed to ask this?
Yes, rate my pokemon questions are allowed, and welcome to the site!
Oh Okay, thanks. Yeah I like using him for Battle Subway and other competitive playing. I was just asking for suggestions and wondering why he isn't allowed on Random Matchup.
Unless it's hacked, you should be allowed to use it in the battle Subway.
It was my starter from Platinum. What do you mean by hacked? Like hacked moves. It's not hacked I transfered it from my Platinum came. If I cheated for it I would understand. *Sigh* I'm confused. Is there a problem with it's stats? Can someone check to see if it's legit?
If you got it as a starter in your Platinum then it's legit. Does it share any if the same items as the other pokemon you are using in the Battle Subway?
The other pokemon you are using must be hacked
No, I used an AR for the EVs but I did it totally correct ( everyone will hate me for this ). Is that the problem? Because it's stats are totally fine. I thought if the stats were fine and the moves it should be okay. Please don't hate me :(
No one will hate you. I, as long as many others here, hack our games, and while not everyone will agree with it, no one will dislike you because if it. And I geuss that's it. Try hacking for the EV wings instead, then applying then to you Infernape. It takes a little longer but this is what I do, it takes less than 10 minutes and you get perfectly legit EVs ;)
I switched out my FlashFlare (Infernape) and it works on wifi, is it because of Thunderpunch? Are his other stats too *low* ( Ik it sounds stupid but...no stats are too high at lvl 50 or 100). I did the same w/ my Weavile and it worked fine.
Sent_By_Ravens, thanks for understanding =D also can you use the EV wings without limit to keep boosting EVs? My AR is way too old and doesn't work on white, only Platinum/Pearl (my other pkmn games), if there is nothing wrong with Infernape's stats, why do you think it isn't working if it works w/ Weavile?
No you can only give the normal 255 EVs in a stat with the wings, but you can hack an infinite number of wings. Also, there is nothing more I can think of other than your Infernape is holding the same item as another pokemon in your party. If this is not the case then it must be a glitch.
Maybe...I did realize that an Infernape can only go as low as 219 in terms of special attack at level 100 with a hindering nature, but mine has a neutral (for Sp. Atk) nature, and has 217 Sp. Atk. That's why I thought it's stats might be too low... I can't raise it though I have fully distributed EV's. Maybe it's just a Smogon mistake? (I visited Smogon). I was wondering if it was because he knew Thunderpunch, but I wanted to make sure before I deleted a move I could NEVER get back haha. I only tried him on Random Matchup so far...I haven't tried him on the Wifi Train, but I assume it's the same thing... *edit* Okay so Smogon did make a mistake. Infernape can have as low as 213 Sp. Atk at level 100 with a neutral nature. Either Smogon made a mistake or I misunderstood (probably the second one).
It may just have lower SAtk IVs
Yeah, probably, but since he is a SD sweeper it doesn't bother me. I reviewed his stats again, and I made sure I copied them perfectly ( I have my DS right here with me ) and it seems the EV's are perfectly find. I am going to try to enter wifi again if it doesnt work then idk (im still thinking it might be because he knows Thunder/Fire Punches
The punches shouldn't make a difference tho...
Yeah, I was hoping is the punches lol cuz he doesnt learn them naturally or at all in any way in b/w. I am making sure I don't have over 510 EV's. If i have *almost* max stats in speed and attack. Aren't they ignored if there are more than 510? If i somehow had more i would only have like 512 EV's but i am pretty sure i have 510 exactly. *edit* I'm pretty sure EV's are fine. I edited the question now :) I figured out the problem.
Infernape can't get flash fore... why are you saying it has flash fire?
FlashFlare is his nickname...his ability is Blaze...

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OK, one thing I've noticed about your teams is: Too many sashes. In competitive battling, even on Wi-Fi, you're going to have hazards. Which will break your sash. Also, there's the commonness of the evil Tyranitar. Give it a Life Orb, and replace ThunderPunch with Stone Edge. There's not really much else I can change...

Infernape @ Life Orb
Trait: Blaze
Naive Nature
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP

  • Fire Punch
  • Close Combat
  • Stone Edge
  • Swords Dance
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Thanks! My only problem with that is that I usually die as soon as I set up a Swords Dance. You didn't notice any problems with the EVs, correct? Does Stone Edge counter more than ThunderPunch, because I've been able to counter much more with ThunderPunch, such as Stone Edge not being able to OHKO Gyarados. I can't play on Random Matchup because I know ThunderPunch and Fire Punch. Thanks for the input though! I'm so happy someone finally answered this!
swords dance+lifeorb makes this infernape OHKO as soon as it uses swords dance, or right after it uses a move
Alright, I think I'll give Life Orb a shot because I do have one. I just have to figure out a way to set up Swords Dance without getting OHKOed. Maybe I could put them to sleep and switch to Ape and then SD.
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To me, you're Infernape is pretty decent. I have one, and its a super beast! Here are the moves I taught my Infernape:

Overheat for finishing something off,
Focus blast as a go-to move,
Close combat for emergencies,
And blast burn for complete anhialation.

You don't have to teach you're Infernape those moves( even though I'd recommend that) but in my perspective, at least get rid of swords dance: that move is suicidel!

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That's a nice special sweeper moveset! Mine is a physical sweeper though. Also, I noticed your Infernape has no coverage for it's weaknesses, and you'd be surprised how powerful swords dance is for a physical sweeper, especially with a fast pokemon like infernape :) As long as you have team coverage though, that's fine =D