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1.Mienshao Ability-Inner Focus

moves hi jump kick,drain punch,u-turn,fake out

item Chesto Berry

Hit Points 334 ,Attack 342,Defense 156 ,Special Attack 226 ,Special Defense 156 ,Speed 253

2.Blastoise ,abilty Torrent

Moves Scald, Hydro Pump, Protect, Ice Beam

Items- None

Hit Points 362,Attack 258,Defense236,Special Attack 205, Special defense 246,Speed 199

3.Krookodile Abilty, Intimidate

Moves Earthquake,Superpower ,stone edge, dragon claw


Hit points 394, attack 300, defense 176,special attack,special defense 176 ,speed 251

4.Frosslass Abilty Cursed Body

Destiny Bond ,Spikes ,Thunder,Substute

Item None

Hit Points 344 ,Attack 227,Defense 176, Special Defense 176,Speed 288

  1. Zoroark Abilty Ilusion

Moves ,Focus Blast,Dark Pulse ,Sucker Punch,U-Turn

Item Dark Gem

Hit Points 324,Attack 277, Defense 156, Special Attack 276,Special Defense ,Speed 278

6.Kingdra Abilty Damp

Moves,Surf,Draco meteor,Outrage,Hydro Pump


Hit Points 354,Attack,257,Defense,226,Special Attack 226,Special Defense 226 ,Speed,238

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No offence, but your Evs are TOTALLY WRONG!! And your Kingdras moves make no sense.
I like it. But I think you should replace Kingdra with a pseudo legendary like Hydreigon because your Kingdra only knows dragon-type moves instead of Dragon and water. Out of 10, I am going to say a 9.1
Ever heard of punctuation marks.
Instead of having a dark gem for Zoroark give him a dread plate.
Theyre not ev, theyre stats
This is evidently an in-game team that's been crow bared into competitive play. There's no point answering right now because it doesn't seem you truly understand the metagame. I would suggest you read up on the basics (go to Smogon for guides) and try to make a team after that.
This shouldn't even be an answer, it should be a comment. Also, Plates are seriously useless on any Pokemon other than Arceus.
The pokemon aren't bad but no offence some of the moves aren't chosen to well
For Kingdra you should do

Ev: 252 At 252 Sp 4 Hp
Max Ivs
Abillity: Sniper
Item: Lum Berry/Leftovers/Scope Lens (Lum Berry if Outrage) (Leftovers if you don't care and for that extra HP) (Scope Lens for Crits)
Outrage/Dragon Pulse depending if you care to get confused
Blizzard/Ice Beam
Focus Energy (Sniper ability increasing chances + Scope Lens for extra Crit chance and then to top things off Focus Energy for Kingdra to be a Crit God)

Hope this helped :D !
Everything is good except Kingdra

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