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Donphan @ leftovers
Nature: carefulEv: 252hp 252spdef 4atk
Moves: stealthrocks, rapidspin, iceshard, earthquake
Ability: sturdy
Why: its a bulky ground type with great atk and sets up steal rocks why not? Also its good support for my volcarona cuz volcarona hates stealthrocks.

Dragonite @ choiceband
Nature: adament
Ev: 252atk 252spd 4spdef
Moves: outrage, firepunch, aquatail, extremespeed
Ability: inner focus
Why: I just really like using banded dragons as physical sweepers. Its max+atk + choice band cand demolish a team with a stab outrage. The rest of the moves should be self explanatory.

Volcarona @ life orb
Nature: modest
Ev: 252spatk 252spd 4def
Moves: quiverdance, fireydance, gigadrain, bugbuzz
Ability: flamebody
Why: its got a pretty good stab combo. Its stats are amazing and can use a really good boosting move. It can scare off many things allowing a free quiverdance. I like fireydance over fireblast cuz it haz a chance to boost its spatk. Gigadrain kinda helps balance life orb. Also the first thing people think to do is send in a water type to combat it and giga drain can get super effective damage.

Blissey @ leftovers
Nature: boldEvs: 252def 252spdef 4hp
Moves: toxic, seismictoss, aromatheropy, softboiled
Ability: naturalcure
Why:blissey nough said

alomomola @ leftovers
Nature: impish
Evs: 252hp 252def 4spdef
Moves:wish, mirror coat toxic, protect
Ability: regenerator
Why: I know what you're thinking "nu in ou?" Yes. Alomomola can shrug off any physical hit amed at my team even super effective ones if they aren't stab. It can take special hits rather well because of its massive hp and with mirror coat it can give back double what it took.

Gengar @ choicescarf
Nature: modest
Evs: 252spd 252atk 4hp
Moves:trick, shadowball, thunderbolt, hpfire
Ability: levitate
Why: choiscarf max speed will outspeed a lot in ou and can trick its scarf on to like blissey and other walls. Ive used this this set and it makes a good revenge killer. Hp fire is really JUST to take out grass type chlorophyll abusers in sun and also annoying ferrothorn.

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