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Eoness ( Latios ) dragon fang |lv.93
levitate|bold|258 hp| 286 atk| 234 def|276 spd| 239 sp. atk|245 sp. def
luster purge|dragon pulse|shadow claw|aerial ace

i mostly use my Latios at the lead of my team. i have won many battles with him and i really love him!!!i use shadow claw against ghost type pokemon ,dragon pulse against dark and dragon types and aerial ace against bug types.

Serene(Scolipede) leftovers|lv.64
swarm|adamant|162 hp|144 atk|125 def|160 spd|173 sp. atk|111 sp.def
aqua tail|rock slide|megahorn|iron tail

Serene is the main defender of my team . She has saved my team several times covering the other pokemon. Her moves perfectly deal with her weakneses.

Lunna(Cresselia) lunar wing | lv.69
levitate|hardy|265 hp|106 atk |183 def|136 spd| 122 sp. atk|192 sp.def
signal beam|aurora beam|shadow ball|psycho cut

Lunna has high defense and sp. defense so i use her as a defender. Although i can't cover all her weakneses, i am doing quite well with her too.

Charflame(Charizard) fire gem|lv.72
blaze|mild|256 hp| 234 atk| 213 def |123 spd|128 sp. atk|131 sp. def
thunder punch|dig|iron tail|dragon rush

Charflame is a very powerful pokemon so i use it for attack mainly.His type disadvantages are fully covered.

Solarbird(Volcarona) no item |lv 80
flame body|naive|312 hp|223 atk| 212 def|216 speed| 143 sp. atk|219 sp. def
wild charge|acrobatics|heat wave|hyper beam

Solarbird its pretty strong pokemon but i dont use her very much cause i cant fully cover her weakneses.however if i need her she can easilly covr me.

Lavignia (Unfezant) lucky egg | lv. 79
big pecks|naive|285 hp|238 def|232 spd|179 sp atk|183 sp. def
heat wave| steel wind |giga impact|razor wind

Lavignia is a great attacker with pretty high defense AND attack stats but i cant fully cover her type disadvantages so she is kind of vulnerable at some attacks

So that is my team!!! Please dont hesitate to rate my team and tell me if it needs any improvement!!!

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i think you should raise scolipedes special defense, and possibly teach volcarona a bug type move like bug buzz, if you could forget dig and make charizard learn earthquake, i think it would also be quite nice.
i am only an amature, so don't use my suggestions against the championj in case something goes wrong
thank you very much!!!! I think you are right !!!! I will try this out !!!!

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