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I now use a
Hydreigon (with dragongem) moveset
1)stone edge
3)dragon pulse/flamethrower
4)draco meteor

Magmortar ( with fight gem or electric gem )
2)brick break

Snorlax ( with anything worth using )
3)shadow ball
4) last resort

Metagross ( with steel gem )
1)meteor mash
3)Rock slide
4) zen headbutt

Please help to improve my team, i am not able to last even 7 battles in super doubles team (i use magmortar and hydreigon together and metagross and snorlax together)
Please help

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You've got to include EV's. If you don't EV train them then that might be the problem
I never understood how to EV train though! I know that it is pretty lame!
why...is there hyper beam on snorlax and a bunch of other special moves, go giga impact and a bunch of other physical moves

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For hydreigon: flamethrower, Draco meteor, Acrobatics, dark pulse
For magmortar: flamethrower, thunderbolt, confuse ray/will-o-wisp, sunny day
For snorlax: body slam, crunch, zen headbutt, earthquake
For metagross: zen headbutt, ice punch, earthquake, magnet rise/trick

Thats a pretty good offensive team. Snorlax you should save for an emergency because they have some pretty good speed sweepers out there like mienshou or d-danced gyarados. Snorlax is pretty when it comes to stalling and taking a hit so use it wisely. And make sure your team has good speed natures and evs. Good luck.

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