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I use banned moves, it is for in game, battle subway & with my friends, not for competitive

Shuckle-impish nature, EVs-252 def 252 Sp def 4 hp, ability- sturdy, moves- toxic, double team, rest, earthquake

Spiritomb-calm, EVs-28 hp 240 def 240 Sp def, ability- pressure, moves- hypnosis, double team, dream eater, dark pulse

Metagross- lonely, EVs-252 attack 252def 4 Sp def,ability- ??, moves- earthquake, meteor mash, psychic, hammer arm(not sure about this one)

Milotic-modest, EVs- 252 hp 252 Sp attack 4 speed,ability-??, moves- surf, ice beam, recover, ?not sure what should go here

Any suggestions will help. Any moves accepted banned or not this team is just to collect a lot of bp

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Shuckle- I suggest to replace E-quake with power share to greatly cripple the opponent. It doesn't matter if he doesn't have any attacking moves because he's going to be stalling anyway

Spirtomb- Looks fine

Metagross- Why is the ability ?? ? If you don't know yet then go for clear body Metagross. Replace Hammer Arm with Bullet Punch for priority to finish off weakened pokemon.

Milotic-Hidden power Grass takes care of other Water types for you.

Hope this helped~

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Thanks alot really helps.
your welcome =D