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This team is meant to be be a phazer-stall team. I am planning on using it for competitive triple battles.
I would like any input you can give to make my team even better.
I would also like to see your idea for the best non-legendary/uber phazer-stall team for competitive triple battles.

Ability: Battle Armor
Nature: Sassy
Item: Black Sludge
Move-set: Poison Spikes, Roar, Aqua Tail, Venoshock

Ability: Torrent
Nature: Serious
Item: Shell Bell
Move-set: Stealth Rock, Roar, Aqua Ring, Hydro Pump

Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Calm
Item: Leftovers
Move-set: Stealth Rock, Roar, Rapid Spin, Fire Fang

Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Impish
Item: Rock Incense
Move-set: Stealth Rock, Roar, Synthesis, Stone Edge

Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Quirky
Item: Sharp Beak
Move-set: Spikes, Whirlwind, Roost, Sky Attack

Ability: Sand Stream
Nature: Careful
Item: Smooth Rock
Move-set: Stealth Rock, Whirlwind, Slack Off, Earthquake

Thanks for your time and input!

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You are quite weak to Ice types and Torterra don't really contribute. I would suggest Cradily or Ferrithorn if you want a Grass staller or Infernape as a late game mixed sweeper. Or possibly Dusclops(evolite) or Umbreon instead.
Furthermore, you have way to many Stealth rocks, two is more than enough, go with Toxics and Will-O-Wisps instead. You might also want a cleric such as Vaporeon or Blissey with Heal Bell.
Items: Smooth Rock is useless on Hippowdon, go with Sitrus Berry instead. Again, I would really suggest Blissey on your team, I could give you a full rate tomorrow.
Sorry for criticising so much, but this team can definitely be improved.
My Team: Blissey, Skarmory, Ferrothorn, Dusclops, Umbreon and Shuckle
Edit: Sorry it got so long :)
Well, I'm going to be critical of your team, but only because I'm trying to make it MUCH better. Let's start with Drapion. Great pokemon, I'd keep it. However, it's moveset needs work. Try a more offensive approach. Example: Night Slash, Cross Poison, Earthquake, Aquatail. Empoleon also needs a better moveset, one that will counter its weaknesses. I'd suggest Dig (for electric types), Drill peck (fighting types), Surf (ground types), and Ice Beam (great filler move). I highly recommend against the rest of your team. Here are some ideas for replacements you may want to consider:
-Night Daze
-Shadow Ball
-U Turn

-Swords Dance
-Rock Slide
-Iron Head

-Shadow Claw
-Arial Ace

Blaziken (keep in back of party)
-Brave Bird
-Sky Uppercut
-Fire Punch
-Bulk Up

These pokemon are great sweepers, and your opponents won't even realize that you're using Zoroark if you keep up with Flamethrower. They are also incredibly fast, and their defences aren't too shabby. I hope you find this useful.
When I made that response, I failed to see the part about a stalling team. Here would be a great team for defense.

-Iron Head

(anything that isn't a choice scarf or choice band)

(Bright Powder)

(Chesto Berry)
-Belly Drum
-Focus Punch

(Big Root)
-Giga Drain
-Leech Seed

Gliscor (with hidden ability Poison Heal)
(Toxic Orb)
-Brick Break
-Thunder Fang

Hope this suits you better.
You should have posted that as a answer Perp.
Mabye a Normal type would work
Great team. Add a little more pokemon with  good sp. attack for defensive opponents.

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