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Swampert @ leftovers
Nature: impish
Evs: 236hp 16atk 252def
Moves: earthquake, waterfall, stealthrocks, roar
Ability: torrent
Why: its a bulky water type that sets up rocks and can phase with roar.

Mismagius @ leftovers
Nature: timid
Evs: 252spatk 252spd 4hp
Moves: nastyplot, substitute, shadowball, hpfighting
Ability: levitate
Why: I love mismagius. With the subnasty set it can get a good sweep going. I dont expect it too take a whole team out but I think it could take out several members of my opponent's team.

Scyther @ evolite
Nature: jolly
Evs: 252spd 40atk 216hp
Moves: swordsdance, roost, aerialace, bug bite
Ability: technician
Why: with the roost and evolite and 216hp evs, it can be verry hard to take down. With swaordsdance its atk will skyrocket, and the technicion is just great with its stab cuz both of its stab moves have 60 base power

Hitmontop @ leftovers
Nature: careful
Evs: 252hp but im not sure on the rest of the spread.
Moves: rapidspin, brickbreak, suckerpunch, not sure on the last move
Ability: intimidate
Why: rapid spinner

Clefable @ choicscarf
Nature: calm
Evs: 252hp 252spdef 4def
Moves:trick, toxic, softboled, seismictoss
Why: its kind of the blissey of uu but I like the fact it can givve other pokes it's scarf. The rest of the moves are just ment to cause trouble and make scyther and mismagius' job easyer.

Honchcrow @ leftovers
Nature: adament
Evs: not sure
Moves: pursuite, bravebird, roost, not sure
Why: its really just ment to be a pursuit user

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That's a great Clefable set..except for the fact that Clefable can't learn Softboiled or Siesmic Toss.
Wait...it can. But our Pokedex doesn't seem to say so.
Yeah they are like gen 3 moves.
Why no abilities?
I couldnt think of them off the top of my head.

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