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This is my first team in Pokemon Black. This is the first Pokemon game that I've played since Pokemon Yellow. Keep in mind this team is for single battling. Make any suggestions your heart desires. Critique and be very blunt. Just keep in mind I am new to this.


Item: Life orb

Nature- Adamant

Ability- Mold Breaker

  • HP - 275
  • Attack - 408
  • Defense - 213
  • Sp.Atk - 132
  • Sp.Def - 148
  • Speed - 288

  • Taunt - To force the attack if necessary, Especially If the play is toxic and such.

  • Brick Break - Weakness coverage, and destroys move like reflect.

  • Rock Slide - Weakness coverage plus chance of flinching.

  • Outrage - STAB plus Weakness coverage


Item: Life orb

Nature- Modest

Ability- Levitate

  • HP - 298
  • Attack - 199
  • Defense - 194
  • Sp.Atk - 353
  • Sp.Def - 198
  • Speed - 293

  • Taunt - Force the attack if necessary.

  • Dark Pulse - STAB plus the chance of flinching

  • Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor - Can't decide, but both are STAB and weakness coverage. Suggestions?

  • Flamethrower/Fire Blast - Can't decide, But both are weakness coverage. Suggestions?


Item: Leftovers

Nature- Bold

Ability- Flame Body

  • HP - 286
  • Attack - 114
  • Defense - 227
  • Sp.Atk - 293
  • Sp.def - 295
  • Speed - 205

  • Quiver Dance - Raises speed, Sp.Atk, and Sp.Def.

  • Morning Sun - Recovery plus combo.

  • Sunny Day - Lowers water plus raises fire power, and combo.

  • Fiery Dance - STAB plus the chance of raising Sp.Atk.


Item: Leftovers

Nature- Impish

Ability- Thick Fat

  • HP - 443
  • Attack - 256
  • Defense - 221
  • Sp.Atk - 136
  • Sp.Def - 314
  • Speed - 73

  • Curse - Raises defense and attack

  • Rest - combo

  • Sleep talk - combo

  • Heavy Slam - Suggestions?


Item: Lum Berry

Nature- Careful

Ability- Inner Focus/Multiscale Suggestion on which one would help in a better way?

  • HP - 299
  • Attack - 299
  • Defense - 286
  • Sp.Atk - 204
  • Sp.Def - 319
  • Speed - 184

  • Dragon Dance - Raises Speed and attack

  • Roost - Recovery

  • Outrage - STAB plus Weakness coverage

  • Fire punch - Weakness coverage


Item: Choice Scarf

Nature- Impish

Ability- Clear Body

  • Hp - 294
  • Attack - 342
  • Defense - 326
  • Sp.Atk - 178
  • Sp.Def - 240
  • Speed - 172

  • Zen Headbutt - STAB with the chance of flinching.

  • Meteor Mash - STAB with the chance of raising attack.

  • Hammer Arm - For Laugh and giggles. And I didn't what else to use, Any suggestions?

  • Earthquake - Weakness coverage

Well that's that, Please rate, critique, and suggest :)
Thank you!

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Your team is fine but there are some improvments you could make:

Haxorus: i suggest you replace taunt with dragon dance

Hedreigon: i suggest you have flamethrower instead of fire blast because flamethrower is much more reliable, dragon pulse or draco meteor, if you have draco meteor or dragon pulse, i think dragon pulse is more useful maybe in the middle of where hydreigon is in battle, but draco meteor is a very good revenge killer.

Volcarona: i think bug buzz is more useful than quiver dance so i suggest you teach it bug buzz instead of quiver dance, plus volcarona has good sp.def and sp.atk already plus you have a very high chance of sp.atk boost with fiery dance!

Snorlax: i suggest you replace curse with crunch cuz he likes to crunch on stuff plus chance of defense drop wich is good.
Heavy slam is fine but take notice that you do it on the right pokemons, or alternatively replace heavy slam with strength or giga impact STAB. zen hedbutt is awasome to have on snorlax(type coverege) but that's a breeding move.

Dragonite: i suggest you replace dragon dance with agility, you need the speed faster, and i really suggest you teach dragonite brick break instead of fire punch, brick break is stronger plus it has 2 weakness covereges (Rock and ice).

Metagross: this move set is just fine i think, but agility and ice punch are also good moves on it.

Hex :)

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Haxorus: Replace taunt with dragon dance/sword dance. Then keep only brick break instead of rock slide because you already covered ice. Place in a huge-coverage move like Earthquake(it covers 5 types).Also you can add one more hiiting move instaed of taunt and scarf him.

Hydreigon: Hmm, taunt is still unescessary because he's a sweeper. Add instead hidden power [flying/psychic] or If you haven't add Dragon tail, even if your nature is modest. You can use it either as an offensive move which switch out the opponent, either as defensive ''Roar''. Other options are Thunder wave, Toxic, Incinerate and U-turn, they will be not sweeping, but mostly technical. If either here you chose to put 4 hitting moves give a choice item.

Volcarona:Since you are using quiver dance, fiery dance is completely Inutile!!!
Place instead solarbeam/flamethrower for more STAB or combo and coverage. Also a good idea is to give him heat rock since you are planning a sunny weather, but this one-person sunny day team is a bit surprising. OK it helps Volcarona but might cause troubles to his team-mates. Better place it to a sunny-day team it will be really the best thing to do, because all his team is raised by sun and he doesn't need sunny day if someone has drought.

Snorlax: Place Return instead of heavy slam. Even if your heavy slam hits the max. power (120), Return will be stronger (102+STAB=153). In the other hand you can place Belly Drum for direct attack raising instead of curse.

Dragonite: Definitively, since you have roost you can't have multi-scale so keep Inner-focus it protects you from some situations, but they are quiet rare... Your set is really perfect! Bravo! Bravo!

Metagross:Since you're using choice scarf take out this hammer arm! It copmlitely destroys choice scarf's strategy. Place instead something like Ice punch for more coverage. Also if you ever decide to take out his choice scarf give him agility...

Hope this helps,

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your haxorus needs everything except for taunt change that with sword dance or dragon dance
volcarona has too much it needs fiery dance quiver dance hurrocane or heat wave both fine bug buzz
hydreina should have surf instead of taunt
thats it and what does snorlax have?

your welcome ':)

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Thanks, I posted what Snorlax has.
your team is still fine  :)
why minus?